SHRM Report: Artificial Intelligence will Help HR in Content Development

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This article by Lin Grensing-Pophal highlights ways that companies can use AI to automate key processes in HR including:
• Creation of job descriptions based on specific skill requirements.
• Employee engagement—sending out automated questionnaires asking employees to rate work experiences.
• Safety—automating the dissemination of critical safety information to people in multiple locations.
• Employee reviews—using AI to compile and analyze data and send reminders to managers based on the information gathered in the reviews.
• Benefits—sending out automatic reminders to employees to fill out their benefits enrollment forms and other documents.

Key concerns include the potential to “dehumanize the employee experience.”

At JetRuby Agency, our view is that AI can help automate many routine tasks, including reviewing documents to identify key themes or issues in far less time than is possible when managed by humans.

But AI can only get you 80% there—your HR leaders should be carefully reviewing everything produced by AI to look for quirks in automation that can lead to unintended consequences since AI still lacks the emotional intelligence to translate data-based conclusions into appropriate conversations and actions.

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