Best Strategies for High Website Revenue in 2018

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Do you have an E-commerce website but your traffic leaves much to be desired? This can be one of the reasons why your website doesn’t actually generate sales.

It’s 2018 outside and if your sales funnel lacks traffic, you’re simply missing out on a large piece of the pie that the industry if offering you. How much large? Well, here’s a stat that proves E-commerce is a real goldmine!


So if you’re one of those people who’s desperately trying to get as many users to their website as possible, this post is for exactly you. Keep in mind, though, that all the tips below will be effective only if you’ll be using them properly. So, let’s get straight to them!

Valuable Conten Is Above All

Content is above all, especially when it comes to E-commerce conversion.

If you want to reap the fruits of content marketing, your business needs to provide people with valuable content that engages with your customer.

It’s an interesting fact that the majority of companies have some kind of marketing strategy, though they are only few of them that have a strategy to track their content efforts.

So, if you have an e-commerce website, you need to think about creating a blog that is capable of providing users with stories that give them an idea why it’s your brand that they need to choose.

Nevertheless, before creating an account in Medium or WordPress, make sure that you’ve really valuable content. All this content needs to be highly targeted as well as incorporating some type of SEO strategy (of course if you want your content to drive results).

Nowadays, there’s a huge amount of various unique strategies that are capable of catching the eye of potential customers. So your company doesn’t have to be so huge as an Amazon or eBay to drive traffic. Strengthen your marketing by having a unique and memorable domain name

Creating Account Only After Checkout

A lot of businesses don’t understand that by making people register their accounts before the checkout process, they actually scare away users. Usually, we’re not so eager to create another account online.

The thing is that another account means one more username, as well as one more password to clutter up their brains. Besides, some people are sure that by registration the sign up for constant spam and newsletters.

Do you remember this feeling of frustration when asked to register an account during checkout (Just send me the darn My little Ponies)?

Frequently, we give up this idea and leave our car abandoned :( Needless to say that you don’t have to repeat these mistakes but to make a registration process that will be most comfortable for the users.

The best way is to fill out the account registration fields with information from their checkouts and ask for a password. That will help make a process less complicated and you don’t have to bother people with extra information throughout their purchase.

Reduce Abandoned Carts

In one of our previous articles, we’ve already talked about the top must-have features for every E-commerce website. There, we’ve mentioned the abandoned carts issue, which is considered one of the most widespread in the world of E-commerce.

In a nutshell, with every abandoned cart, you’re losing a big number of potential customers. As a result, your sales are only one-third of what they may potentially be.

The problem is that most of the people, who abandon their carts, are actually not convinced to complete their purchase.

So, how can you persuade them?

Maybe you can offer them some kind of discounts or a free shipping?

Nevertheless, the first thing you need to do is to find out the main cause why people abandon carts. The most effective way is just to ask them. Craft a good email that will persuade people to come back to their carts.

For example, you can use the solution that we’ve developed specifically for E-commerce websites. It’s called “Abandoned cart.” Put simply, it’s a Ruby gem that sends automatic emails with the lists of items in the abandoned carts. In this article we’ve elaborated on the experience of solving this challenge.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Another integral aspect of increasing traffic to your website is getting your business in front of your ideal customers. And here you might find useful paid social media ads.

That will allow you to create highly targeted campaigns that provide customers with the most relevant ads according to their preferences and interests. Of course, the most famous platforms will be:

Instagram Ads

It’s no secret that Instagram is a highly popular platform. It has many great tools that will be especially effective business owners. By using appropriate filters, the right hashtags as well as posting at the right time, you can be sure that you’re on your way to building a huge following on Instagram.

The most important factor of Instagram success is engagement with your users. So you can try out using contests or campaigns as well as showing pictures of your customers using your products.

These pictures are also known as user-generated photos, and they’re a great way to demonstrate your potential customers that you’ve happy current customers.

Besides, you may use these photos for generating social proof. The thing is that prospective people can actually see your products being regularly purchased and people like them.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform. This platform has a huge amount of various opportunities for your business to reach new customers and drive them to your online store.

A really cool feature is that Facebook will allow you to target users in accordance with their behavior, location, and so on.

Additionally, you can use Facebook Dynamic Ads. Such ads will be automatically generating to people who used to visit your website, featuring the goods that they’ve added to their carts.

Such feature will allow you to get users back so that you can make the most of the traffic you’re already getting.

Don’t Forget About Customer Reviews

There are only a few things that are more valuable to your brand than positive customer reviews. Weirdly enough, the majority of people are prone to believe recommendations from unknown users as well as even consulting them before making a purchase.

That’s why positive reviews are solid gold for your e-commerce website. So instead of waiting for reviews, you can encourage, or directly ask, your customers to write them.

With good reviews and testimonials below your products you’ll be able to generate greater confidence and trust in consumers. However, be ready for bad reviews too. Remember, from time to time your business will be suffering from customers complaints or even fake reviews.

More Email Subscribers

You don’t even imagine how much traffic an email marketing can drive. Most of the people get marketing messages with their personal emails on a daily basis.

Besides, most of the people make use of coupons or discounts they learn about from email. Additionally, some people say that receiving special offers is the main reason they subscribe to an email list from a business.

Despite the fact that our life is full of tweets and posts from various social networks, we still cherish new messages sent to our personal emails.

Another advantage of emails is that you can fit there everything that will be impossible to fit into a social media post. And don’t forget to be active about promoting your newsletter in order to get as many subscribers as you can on a high-converting channel.

Another important aspect that should be taken into consideration is capturing a bunch of email addresses.

Nevertheless, it’s never enough as the next step is to send these people regular emails. There are many occasions that can be used for sending emails to your customer.

For example, as soon as your customer signs up, create and send your customer a welcome email. When a customer raises an order, send him an email where you’ll let them know that their order is being processed and is on the way out. Undoubtedly, people will be glad to find out that their order will be arriving soon.

And of course, don’t forget about newsletters. Your company may send information and product-focused content as well as notifying readers of products that may interest them.

However, if you really want your customers to read your newsletter, you need to make sure that content is really interesting — beyond an attempt to sell them merchandise or services.

Tell your users the story behind your brand, give them a reason why they can trust you. Add some personality to your brand. There’s an interesting fact saying that customers with a strong attachment to a particular company spend more than average customers and it’s a newsletter that is a prime candidate to distinguish a brand from the competition.

The Bottom Line

Whichever strategy you choose, focus on differentiating yourself from the competition as well as fully committing yourself to your action plan.

Try to implement one of these tactics every weekend over several months. Record all the changes and make a comparison.

Did the situation actually change?

How many new users did your website get?

Analyze, plan, execute, A/B test. Repeat, if successful.

You can look for some ideas on how to improve your website in our article about top 20 E-commerce ideas for businesses.

And if you need any help with E-commerce related issues, we’re always glad to help.

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