JetRuby Clutch Review Highlights How We Help Clients Create Great Applications

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We recently received a client rating of 5.0 and this review on Clutch for our development of a mobile application for a fitness subscription company in the US.

• We were hired because our client’s CTO was transitioning so they needed outside support to create new features, document the code, and enhance and update existing code. The team worked in React Native and Ruby and Rails to build new features and update existing code.

• We had five people on the team – a full-stack developer, project manager, mobile developer, QA manager, and business development / account manager.

• The client explains: “We have very complex code and they got up to speed very quickly, had a high level of expertise and identified areas for improvement. We were very happy with the results provided and most importantly, they were a pleasure to work with. The team was highly responsive, professional, and prompt in communicating updates and issues. We were impressed with how clearly they communicated, how quickly they got up to speed and their ability to meet tight deadlines.

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