Digital Transformation Among Top Health Care Priorities, Survey Finds

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Digital transformation was among the key priorities identified in a survey of 130 health system CEOs conducted University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) and Guidehouse.

Other priorities include workforce resiliency, talent acquisition, and new partnerships.

The study finds that many plan to “grow their business lines to provide approximately 20% more services than in 2021 outside of the hospital and/or in the home (i.e., outpatient, non-surgical, preventive/wellness, lab/pharmacy, home health).”

However, the study finds that hospitals continue to face major labor shortage challenges.

Jiban Khuntia, PhD, associate professor of Information Systems and director of the Health Administration Research Consortium at the Business School at CU Denver, who led the study, elaborates on the study’s findings:

“There are three clear actions for health system leaders based on this analysis. First, engaging consumers is vital—whole-person care requires a people-focused mentality. Second, treat your workforce like you treat your patients—have a plan to achieve a diverse workplace through proactive recruitment strategies and employee relationships. Finally, use innovative digital strategies across the organization—from serving consumers to managing talent.”

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