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Simplifying Daily Makeup Routine for Women: trèStiQue Case Study

Simplifying Daily Makeup Routine for Women: trèStiQue Case Study
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Designed by two beauty industry experts, trèStiQue offers a wide range of easy-to-use makeup essentials. Basically, they are two-in-one cosmetic products that combine high-performance formulas, refillable twist-on/off tools, and nice magnetic caps for keeping the whole thing spill-proof. From home to office, the makeup set can be used right on the go saving time and effort.

The client contacted us for help with various website improvements as well as marketing activities. Specifically, we needed to:

  • Improve the existing trèStiQue’s functionality and implement new features to make make the UX even more convenient.
  • Help with promoting the brand online and attracting new customers.
  • Find an alternative to and move from paid and expensive third-party services that were being used at the time.
  • Implement a better purchasing experience.


The tasks we needed to implement within the trèStiQue project required not only high technical skills but also vast expertise in marketing trends and realities. Additionally, some of the APIs to integrate weren’t documented at all, which was quite disappointing to say the least.

Trestique Case Study

One of the newest trèStiQue features is supercool. You just upload your selfie and the trèStiQue’s makeup experts will find your perfect shade.

However, with the right approach and careful management, any task is doable even when you have strict deadlines and limited budget.

So, here are the features and pieces of functionality that we brought in in the trèStiQue project:

  • Implemented the “abandoned cart” feature (you can read more about it on our blog here). In short, its purpose is to increase the number of completed purchases.
  • Configured Google Analytics and Facebook Business, which gave the client a more detailed insight into the website data.
  • Implemented various referral and loyalty programs, e.g. discount coupons, bonus deposits for invited friends, newsletters etc.
  • Integrated Granify to attract more customers and provide a better buying experience.
  • Improved the checkout procedure, which is now more transparent and simple.
  • Refactored the back-end part of the project to avoid any issues with implementing new functionality in future. As a result, other developers that will be working on the website in future can rest assured about the integrity of the website’s code base.
  • Got rid of the paid third-party services (e.g. Wombat) that connected Spree Commerce and other feature-critical services (Fosdick, Mandrill & Mailchimp, etc.) and replaced them with free custom solutions.
  • Removed a critical vulnerability. We found a script in the code that might have caused huge financial losses. Basically, when modified, it could allow users to purchase all the items in stock for the price of just one item.
  • Integrated treStiQue’s backend with SAP Business One.
  • Covered the entire project with tests, thus, ensuring it’s bug-free.

Trestique Jetruby Case Study

We were able to implement all the planned improvements within the initial deadline and budget. As the result, trèStiQue now complies with the industry-leading standards and has everything necessary to provide its customers with a consummate user experience.



  • Ruby on Rails 4.1+
  • Spree Commerce 2.4+
  • MySQL
  • Sidekiq
  • Mandrill & Mailchimp
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery

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