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JetRuby’s CHRO Featured in Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube Show on Human Capital Reporting

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As one of the first four companies in the world publishing a human capital report in conformity with ISO30414 Human Capital standards and verified by an auditor, our CHRO Svetlana Goryushkina was featured on a recent EEA YouTube show to explain why our company has invested in a strategic human capital management and reporting strategy.

As Svetlana explains in the show, our reasons for this commitment are based on demonstrating to all our stakeholders the specific ways that we address their needs in terms of actions and metrics.
First and foremost, she says, our reasons for publishing this report are for business and marketing purposes and are not related to any government compliance requirements.

Svetlana was featured on the show with marketing experts Allan Steinmetz and Ralf Specht and by human capital management and reporting experts Dr. Solange Charas and Dr. Heiko Mauterer.

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