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Kentucky Joins US States Support AGtech Startups

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Tom Latek of Kentucky Today writes that the Bluegrass Ag Tech Development Corp. will “cultivate an innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups in the agri-food sector, in hopes of making the state the ag tech capital of the country.

The board of directors includes representatives of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, City of Lexington, University of Kentucky, and Alltech.

Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles stated, “We believe that Kentucky can step up to the challenges facing our agriculture communities and become the agriculture hub of technology and innovation in the United States.”

Goals are to enhance the state’s world dominance in the horse industry, expanding bourbon production, genetic progress in poultry, and sustainability advancements in no-till farming as selling points for attracting agribusinesses. Kentucky offers traditional business incentives from the state, along with agriculture resources such as funding, networking, and marketing support for startups.”

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