Monitoring Social Media Trends for Business in 2019 Explained

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As the saying goes that the one who owns the information, owns the world. When it comes to business, being able to efficiently process and leverage data stands on the first place.

It’s crucial to take into account the social media trends for business so that you could always meet your user needs.

According to Global Digital Report 2019, the number of internet users worldwide in 2019 is 4,388 billion people. Nowadays, social media became an integral part of our lives as well as a great tool for marketing.

But how can you leverage this insane amount of power for your business? How to use social media for business?

How can you spot the hottest social media trends and understand the current state of the market?

First of all, you need to understand how things work from the inside.

Secondly, you’ll probably need the social media monitoring software. But we’ll talk about it later.

Short aside: We’re happy to tell you that we are recognized as a top California Mobile App Development Company on DesignRush. We’re really proud of it.

How social media trends work on Twitter

A trend on Twitter is a hashtag-driven topic that gets popularity within a period of time. Most of the companies dream that their hashtags become popular on Twitter.

But how do you get from zero to hero on Twitter exactly?

The algorithms responsible for hashtag trending determine what’s popular by monitoring and favoring spikes over any gradual sustained growth.

The key aspect of determining whether the topic will be popular or not is its volume.

To be precise, it’s the time taken to create that volume.

For example, if a hashtag gains a specific volume in one day it’ll be considered as trending. On the other hand, if the volume takes a month to accumulate, it’ll be considered as news but not as a spike.

In case you want your hashtag to gain popularity, there are several ways of how you can do it.

First of all, you need to be creative when creating your hashtag. Here’s an example of well-written hashtags #nevergiveup. It’s a creative, simple and with one objective.

The next step is to make sure that a tweet gets more than 500 tweets within the first hour.

Keep in mind that it’s equally important to take into account both the number of tweets but also the number of people who are retweeting it.

Make sure the hashtag, which you created, is unique. Such common hashtags as #success or #food are quite common and are retweeted every day. So don’t expect them to make a fuss.

To find out whether the hashtags already exist or measure their popularity, you can monitor the following tool.

How social media trends work on Facebook

The Facebook trending system is pretty similar to Twitter.

It simply shows a hashtag or a phrase that gained popularity on Facebook. Having clicked on the keyword or headline, you’ll be followed to a page with a full news feed of other posts that relates to this particular topic.

This includes all the content published by your friends, commercial and celebrity Pages, even by some strangers who have made their status updates public.

The main difference between Facebook and Twitter here is that Facebook’s trending section is personalized to each user.

Such trends can be based on specifically on you location. These preferences may be based on various factors. including pages you’ve liked, timelines, and engagement. Facebook’s main goal is to reflect each user’s personal interests.

On the other hand, Twitter trends are based on what the entire Twitter community is talking about. You have an option of choosing the location you’re interested in but the Twitter algorithm is standardized for everyone, while on Facebook it’s personified.

Here is how you can leverage them

The Internet consists of a tremendous amount of information.

So the real question is – how can I handle it?

How do you find the right information and spot all the trendy topics people are talking about?

The answer is – social media aggregators.

Simply put, web aggregators allow collecting the specific data all over the internet.

How do we know this?

Recently, we developed an application that allows both ordinary users and businesses to curate, filter, and engage through multiple social networks at the same time based on the preferences they mention.

The flow is super simple.

A user just needs to create a keyword routine that will be monitoring various feeds looking for the specific content.

The application can aggregate tons of information from the biggest social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

However, it’s only one side of the coin.

Since this application is capable of collecting a huge amount of information, a user faces another challenge – sorting all this data and choosing the most valuable one.

For this purpose, we developed a solution for OSRAM to monitor the data collected by the app from where users can choose the data they need.

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Briefly, our team built a custom dashboard for managing IoT sensors that control various parameters, such as temperature, lighting, and others. This helped OSRAM automate the farming process making it more efficient.

The same idea can be applied to data management, where users can simply set up parameters for data search and automate the process of data sorting.

The Bottom Line

No point in arguing that social media trends can be very helpful for your business. Behind these trends stay real people, who set the direction of marketing.

And if you know these trends, you may foresee the wishes or concerns of your users. This will contribute to a better understanding of your audience, increased traffic, better SEO, improved brand loyalty, effective business strategy, healthier customer satisfaction and much more.

Choose your own method of following the trends, whether it will be manual research or a unique solution built specifically for your needs. We always ready to help you.

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