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No-Till Benchmark Study Reveals Agtech Technology Trends

No-Till Benchmark Study Reveals Agtech Technology Trends
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As reported by Michaela Paukner in Precision Farming Dealer, more than half of farmers who responded to the 2022 No-Till Benchmark Study plan to use the technologies below.

In 2022, usage of all these technologies increased compared to 2021. Here are the major findings:

• Auto-steer is the most used precision technology, with 68.5% of no-tillers planning to use it in their operations in 2022.
• The second and third most popular technologies are field mapping (56% in 2022) and yield monitor data analysis (54.4% in 2022).
• Usage of implement guidance increased to 12.5% after usage dropped from a high of 12.1% in 2019.
• While planned usage of lightbar GPS guidance is up in 2022 (29% compared to 25.4% in 2021), this category has been on the decline from the 40.1% reported in 2016.

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