Looking Forward to Seeing Our Fintech Friends and Meeting New Ones in Dubai at Seamless, May 31 to June 1

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Message me on LinkedIn or email me if you’d like to talk about Fintech application development and trends while you’re at the show.

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you know we’re always interested in sharing ideas with other innovators.

The big trend not too many people are talking about yet is the ability now for almost any size company to develop its own applications. Ever more efficient technologies are making it possible to take a concept from a minimally viable to scalable solution at costs that would have been unheard of even five years ago.

Our team is excited to visit the Seamless Middle East 2022 conference from May 31 – to Jun 1 at Dubai World Trade Centre. It’s two magnificent days of fintech, payments, retail, and e-commerce innovations.

Get in touch with me if you are going to be there too and wish to brainstorm solutions.

Ivan Linko
CEO & Founder of JetRuby

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