Special Report: 5G to Drive Innovation in Healthcare Tech

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In this report by Victor Camlek available here, the expansion of 5G in the US is expected to create significant investment in healthcare technology. The “game-changing” benefits include “dramatically increased bandwidth, higher speeds, reduced latency, and network slicing that will enable expanded use of remote monitors and sensors to track the condition of patients wherever they are.”
According to the report, this new level of patient-generated healthcare data will permit enhanced analysis of various conditions and diseases, which will support personalized medicine and improved outcomes.
5G technology will create “numerous opportunities for healthcare enterprises to gather and transmit huge data files, such as tele-radiology images, quickly and securely. Also benefiting from 5G private networks will be the virtual care market, which includes companies that supply platforms, software, devices, services, advisory services, and analytics.”
5G will help companies re-imagine what they can do with technology, which is the mission of Jet Ruby.

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