Top Ten Ruby on Rails Applications in 2023

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This review lists the top 10 Ruby on Rails applications.

Ruby on Rails offers an exceptional ecosystem to create robust, high-performance web applications. Its reliability, speed, and extensive community support make it a top choice for many projects.

Numerous well-known brands have harnessed this technology, delivering outstanding solutions to their clients. GitHub, Airbnb,  SlideShare, Shopify, CrunchBase, Dribble, and Bloomberg have trusted Ruby on Rails, integrating the framework into their applications.

What puts Ruby on Rails at the forefront of development?

As a widespread versatile technology, Ruby on Rails proves its efficiency across various industries. This web framework enables developers to swiftly build web applications, not just with speed but also by streamlining the development process. Its flexibility empowers companies to scale projects seamlessly (read our Ruby web app scaling guidelines) and integrate new features effortlessly.

Unlike other programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and CSS, Ruby on Rails combines front-end and back-end capabilities, facilitating more efficient web application development. Next, we’ll check which features were beneficial for building the top 10 Ruby on Rails applications.

To summarize, Ruby on Rails app development offers significant benefits:

  • Easy MVP development. One example: Twitter used Ruby as its development framework as a startup. Due to easy scalability and object-oriented programming language, building impressive MVPs with RoR is so fast and efficient.
  • The tools to ensure high code quality. Using the famous RubyGems reduces the line of code produced by developers. RubyGems offer plugins for many purposes. It dramatically enhances development speed and makes it a good choice for startups.
  • Fast framework.  The framework’s simplicity reduces the time and effort required to design a product from scratch. Also, Ruby on Rails removes some redundancy in writing the code. The “Don’t Repeat Yourself Principle” ensures the accessibility of reusable code.
  • Test automation, extensive community, and high performance are other principles of Ruby on Rails that contribute to bringing high-quality software to life.

Typically, Ruby projects belong to the following domains:

  • Non-standard projects
  • Information websites
  • SaaS Solutions
  • E-commerce websites
  • Social Networks

Up to one-third of the software market belongs to Ruby on Rails applications. This framework inspires developers to create unique projects and take advantage of its architecture and ease of use. We’re excited to list the top 10 Ruby on Rails applications as of 2023.

Top 10 Ruby on Rails applications:

1. Dribbble

Annual revenue: $16M
Userbase: 3.5 Mln

Dribbble’s technology stack was known to include Ruby. Dribbble is a popular online hub for creatives, including designers, illustrators, artists, and other visual content creators. It is a platform where professionals and aspiring artists can showcase their work, discover inspiring projects, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Initially, this platform was more intended for showing your progress over time, but it eventually became one of the most significant online communities for visual creators. Its terminology is based on basketball, with new images called “shots” and “buckets” being the name of the image collection. The number of “shots” is limited to 24 to prevent spamming, and their original size is 400*300 px, with the possibility of attaching full-size files to the initial upload.

It’s easy to browse on Dribbble (no registration required) and hire designers. Users can “like” shots, leave comments, and follow each other’s profiles to stay updated on the latest design trends and inspirations.

The website offers various membership plans, with the option for free accounts and paid subscriptions that provide additional features and benefits. Overall, Dribbble has become an essential online community that fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation in the design world.

2. SoundCloud

Annual revenue: $273M
Userbase: 75 mln subscribers

The world’s most prominent audio and music streaming platform was initially built on the Ruby monolith. In October 2022, the outdated Ruby and Rails versions were upgraded to modern versions. You can find free and paid membership plans on SoundCloud, enjoy the vast collection of songs and upload your podcasts and music.

SoundCloud offers a variety of features, such as liked audio collection, blog writing, and many more. Niche and non-commercial musicians find the platform beneficial, being able to self-promote without a stipulation from major music publishers and labels.

3. Kickstarter

Annual revenue: $9.5 Mln
Userbase: more than 20,000 backers

Some believe Kickstarter is the most successful web development project built with Ruby. The Kickstarter app has been using Ruby on Rails and upgrading it in increments. The Ruby framework’s rich library of gems greatly benefited Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a famous crowdfunding platform that allows individuals and businesses to raise funds for creative projects, products, and ventures. The platform facilitates the connection between project creators and backers, supporting entrepreneurs in pursuing interesting or valuable ideas.

4. Shopify

Annual revenue: $5.6 Bln
The number of e-commerce websites using Shopify: 4.12 Mln

Shopify to Spree

This huge marketplace meta platform has extensively used the Ruby on Rails framework to speed its development and leverage robust backend solutions. The modular architecture of Ruby on Rails enabled adding multiple plugins and boosting the platform’s capacity. Besides, the admin interface of Shopify benefited from the flexibility RoR offers and lets merchants efficiently manage their intricate interfaces.

At JetRuby, we enable switching from Shopify to a customizable and cost-efficient Spree solution. You can find more details in the “Services.”

Fully customizable and functional Shopify-powered platforms help millions of stores maintain an easy-to-manage retail business daily. If you want to learn about the financial side of the story, you can read our review “Shopify vs. Custom eCommerce Solution. Financial Perspective”.

5. Airbnb

Annual revenue: $8.4 Bln
Over four mln hosts are registered with Airbnb

This renowned Rails website has always been rooted in the power of scalability offered by the RoR framework. Airbnb switched to Ruby over the last few years. Its expanding network of hosts and travelers in more than 200 countries relies on Ruby on Rails as a significant part of its stack.

6. Netflix

Annual revenue: $32.12 Bln
~240 mln registered users

Netflix employs Ruby on Rails as a part of its technological stack. The microservices of Netflix and its internal security system take advantage of the Ruby framework that ensures their sustainable and smooth operation.

7. GitHub

Annual revenue: $1 Bln
Registered users: 100 mln developers

A unique platform for software developers — GitHub — utilizes the efficient testing mechanism of Ruby on Rails and offers APIs written with Ruby on Rails.  GitHub provides a comprehensive API that allows developers to interact programmatically with GitHub features. Rails is used to create and manage these API endpoints.

8. Zendesk

Annual revenue: $1.3 Bln
Customer websites: more than 616,000

Companies worldwide use Zendesk for smooth customer interaction. Zendesk is also the choice of expansive international businesses, such as Shopify or Airbnb.  With Ruby powering the backend of API services, Zendesk can satisfy the high-profile requests of its customers and help them maintain excellent user acquisition strategies.

9. Couchsurfing

Annual revenue: $20 Mln
Registered users: 14 Mln

Couchsurfing is a well-known social media platform connecting hosts with travelers. The platform used  Ruby to build web services and power the online community and member interaction.

10. Fiverr

Annual revenue: $343 Mln
Registered users: over 830,000 freelancers and 5.5 Mln buyers

Another famous freelancer platform, Fiverr was initially designed as an online marketplace. It brings together freelancers working as translators, programmers, designers, entertainers, etc. The platform employed the Ruby on Rails framework to build its web service with essential user registration, profiles, losing, and messaging features.

Bottom Line

The robustness, swiftness, and capacity for expansion of Ruby on Rails render it an ideal selection for enterprise- and consumer-oriented applications. Nevertheless, due to its well-established nature, integrating Rails into your technology stack requires proficient professionals and seasoned developers.

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