Top Five Reasons To Outsource Web And Mobile Development

Web and Mobile Development

Delegating has been a recognizably useful tool for management, almost since the beginning of time. So has outsourcing. Recently, though, the latter has become somewhat of a hot topic in certain countries, after certain elections. It is true that keeping jobs local, matters. It is also true that sometimes outsourcing them really is the only or even best solution (Mr. President). So, make a cup of tea, (other beverages are available) and settle down to our top five reasons why outsourcing is not a divisive or difficult decision, it’s actually just good business sense…

Outsourcing will allow you to focus on your core business processes

This is an axiom which has been expounded upon by everyone from Richard Branson, through to even Oprah Winfrey, (Probably, at some point? Right…?). This is because it’s true. If the business was founded to provide banking services, for example, it’s because the founders had experience, knew the market and probably (even unbelievably) were passionate about it. Very few people are interested in development and code and even fewer of them are both passionate about it and have talent. So if your business deserves the best in terms of talent and commitment, why wouldn’t you hire people who are passionate about it? If that’s not you (which, Mr/Ms.StartUp, it probably isn’t) then find someone that is and give them the resources, space and opportunity to create something truly remarkable, born of passion and a deep knowledge-base, in a way that only a full-time developer can. Outsourcing web and mobile development allows a company to focus on the big picture: driving revenue. Without it, more jobs could be lost. Or, worse yet, the company could go under. Find what you need, and then find someone who does it with passion.

Outsourcing supports your local economy

In terms of web and mobile development, there are legitimate reasons to outsource — such as the well-documented shortage of developers in the United States and the high salaries that these guys command (which SMEs may not be able to afford). There’s not much choice but to seek talent outside the United States for many companies who struggle to hire development resources locally. The same is true in many other countries. Otherwise, the economic impact becomes bigger than the perceived threat of a job being done a few time zones away; it becomes a tale of economic stagnation, unprofitability for enterprises and lack of innovation on the home-front. Outsourcing web and mobile development supports a company’s profitability, which builds a robust local economy; spurs innovation, which is needed for companies to grow and compete around the globe. Outsourcing is an effective way for companies to achieve their goals, while still contributing effectively to the local economy.

Having all experts you need in one place

We all know Techies are extremely important (and let’s be honest, ever so slightly cool!). But many other job roles are needed to bring your web or mobile project from page to screen. Let’s not forget about QAs, who will ferret out every bug with their watchful eyes and endless capability to press buttons in the wrong order, write mind bendingly complex and illateral tests, PMs, whose job it is to keep in check your merry band of programmers as well as UX/UI designers, who will take care of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and if we get it right, pleasure. And of course finding and hiring all these people requires money and time. So, the next plus to outsourcing web and mobile development is the fact that you have all people you need in one place. One phone call and we’re there. We don’t need complex discussions about hiring procedure, matching of work ethics, salaries, etc. The team just gets it done. Fast. Time is money right? And let’s be honest, that goes for you and us.

Reduced business risks

How about this…..’’your business, our problem’’. To all those micro-managers out there this literally sounds like their worst nightmare, ‘’your business, your baby’’ sounds more legit. But for those businesses focused on rapid, effective growth, trusting in a collaborative meritocracy, which, let’s face it, is most modern businesses; might prick up a few ears! Software houses and BPO companies face far higher liabilities than in-house staff, which makes us less of a risk for your business. It’s simple. We have more to lose if we don’t follow through on our agreements. We’re responsible for our mistakes. So when you’re outsourcing your digital product, you can be sure that if anything goes wrong your software house will fix it on the house. In the case of hiring an in-house dev team… then it’s your problem and your money. Sound good? Didn’t think so.

Being ahead of the tech curve

Finally, and certainly not least, mobile and web technologies are constantly evolving, so for your business to be able to compete with the top players in your field, you’re going to need access to the most advanced tools and resources. With the latest technologies and strategies, you’re able to maintain a competitive edge in a fast-paced marketplace. In business, time is money. Ineffective or inefficient software development equates to lost money and potentially lost customers. Let your third-party design and development team work out the time-consuming kinks of your project so that your products or services can hit the market as quickly as possible, thus saving you both time and money.

Everyone has heard of the first mover advantage, right? Don’t lose yours by simply not following the time honoured rules of business, Do what you do, better than anyone else. Find people who have the same attitude, and let them do the rest.

By the way, take a look at the article about Outsourced Software Development Projects.

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