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United Nations Africa Dialog Session Focuses on Food Systems and Human Capital

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This recent international webinar program focuses on enhancing agriculture productivity and food systems, merging two subjects close to our hearts at JetRuby—agtech and human capital management.

The program focuses on the use of modern irrigation systems, mechanization of farming and reduction of post-harvest losses as high priorities for Africa. (Those objectives are similar throughout the world.)

Prescriptions at the meeting call for “policy formulation to integrate clean energy technology in agricultural development” as a “key priority for a sound food system, and resilience development in Africa.”

We at JetRuby see a direct link between ag tech and human capital development.

According to the program, countries need to:

  • Strengthen policies and institutions
  • Enhance agricultural skills and the education of the agricultural community and expand research and development
  • Disseminate and adopt of technologies and innovations, including indigenous knowledge
  • Promote investment in cost-effective and quality agricultural inputs
  • Apply post-harvest loss management technologies
  • Promote natural resource management and practices appropriate for African agricultural
  • Adopt disaster risk mitigation programs.

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