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What Matters Most Will be Matter in Consumer Tech 2022: Stewart Wolpin

Consumer Tech
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It’s the time of year when the experts look ahead. So here are some of the top consumer trends businesses should be looking at as potential opportunities for innovation or disruption. 

Tech expert Stewart Wolpin belies smart health, food, 5G, AI, and sustainability all will be hot tech trends in 2022, he says, but what might really matter most he says is Matter.

Matter is the protocol created by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) that makes all smart home devices, regardless of their walled ecosystem, to work together. 

Wolpin believes that the major players will collaborate for the same reason that the fax companies had to agree upon protocols, and that the home technology market is beginning to slow because of the lack of inter-operability. 

Other Big Growth Opportunities…

5G: The rapid growth of 5G devices will warrant to development of new applications in “cities, infrastructure, education, and digital health,” says Rick Kowalski, CTA director of industry analysis and business intelligence.

Enhanced user experiences: Nearly every consumer technology product we’ll see in 2022 will be smarter, more intuitive, and perhaps even more conversational. “By adding artificial intelligence and machine learning to devices and attaching services to hardware in homes, companies extend monitoring capabilities to consumers beyond standard access points,” observes Elizabeth Parks, president of Parks Associates. “These new services add benefits of security, convenience, and information for consumers.”

Sustainability: Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Reticle Research says consumers and investors are driving demand for applications that can minimize the environmental impact or make transparent to stakeholders an organization’s environmental impact. 

But no technology trend is newer for ’22, more anticipated, and more potentially impactful, than Matter.

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