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Why Almost Any Company Can Build its Own Application Today

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At the dawn of the technology era in the 1980s it was often less expensive for a large company to create its own software solution than to use one offered by the few major companies that offered pre-packaged solutions. 

Then, in the 2000s, when the complexities of developing and maintaining technologies grew exponentially and the third-party solutions became both sophisticated and affordable, the majority of companies pulled out of building their own technologies and moved to third parties to manage their accounting, marketing, human resources, inventory, customer relationship management, and other solutions. 

Today, with technologies such as Ruby on Rails, companies can take a concept to a “minimally viable solution” that in fact is built to meet the needs and scale to support growth while providing the flexibility to migrate to even more robust solutions should your idea achieve hockey-stick growth. 

In the agriculture industry, for instance, fertilizer firms are creating technologies to help farmers use their products more effectively.

JetRuby’s team is happy to hold a preliminary evaluation call to help you determine if your company’s idea can reasonably achieve your objectives and what it costs to do so. 

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