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Creating a secure
health app startup

Winning huge popularity and further investment plans

The Team

20 people

The Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails + GraphQL; React SPA; Swift

The Timeline

November 2017 - Currently in Development

The client

Coming directly from the United States, one of our clients has brought another delicious idea to the development table. He has found a fantastic yet unique concept that he has gladly shared with us: he wanted to simplify the appropriate medical staff's search process. This solution should significantly decrease the employees' medical insurance costs in various hospitals on the flip side. It's an exciting example of proper business management through simple digital products. It has come to us in the form of a proof of concept satisfying the product's needs but was not up to the business standards. He asked us to finalize and create a complete product that will be sufficiently modified and meet the original goal's requirements.

The Challenges

Initially, the client already had a disastrous experience with some other contractors that resulted in a breakdown failure, and that one had to be closed. When he approached us, he requested an MVP for rapid product development and didn't have any high hopes or faith this time either.

The project's primary goal is to simplify the search process of correct doctors for everyone. The client was desperate for his application to function correctly, as intended. Our team quickly jumped in to discuss the project milestones and their aims. During the MVP's early stages, the client issued us a list filled with various technical tasks that we had to accomplish. The issue was that we had to do it in a limited amount of time during the MVP. Our team didn't even have any time for discussions or planning, as we immediately focused on completing tasks in tight deadlines.

Another restrained milestone that was highlighted in our way was that our team was tasked with working under the HIPAA compliant and standards that have put our team under specific regulations. It consists of limiting access to who can modify and view the sensitive data and system identification of the user's privileges.

The other challenge consisted of the app core parts, third-party service integration, which provided all of the necessary information regarding the clinics and doctors' reports. The main challenge here consisted of a logic structure, which was utterly entangled, and to get a glimpse of how it works, you had to spend numerous amounts of time. The data transferred from this service was duplicated into three different containers, taking too much time to display the required information.

The Implementation

Once we have seen the current state of the app, our team understood that it would be much more convenient to do it from the beginning than to continue from the given point of the constructed concept. Shortly, we have made our working plan that was based on dependent and responsible work tasks. Since we had just a backlog of the assigned tasks that our client provided to us, instead of a grab-and-take any available task, we decided to prioritize the accumulating technical issues.


This resulted in a much more effective and productive development, which has granted us enough time to deliver an MVP product fully. - Eugene P. Project Manager

We understood that the project had lived through a series of sad development times; that's why we decided to build strong communications directly with the client. During the development, we wrote necessary documentation, a valuable and essential asset to have during the early stages. Our team also mustered up various task responsibilities and deployed a systematic approach for every developer to partake. We started to highlight lead developers and encourage any initiatives that they were showing.

To comply with the HIPAA regulations, we have closely followed the standard techniques that have entirely secured all data nodes on the inbound and outbound flow. These include secure transmission channels, entity authentication & authorization, access control levels, encryption and decryption process, etc.

Our team has wholly refactored the connection between third party services and the app, dividing all of the information into logical abstractions. The communication with the API is now managed by separate client software. The functional logic for formatting and transforming the incoming and outgoing data is directly collected in a single path. Also, we have added additional unit tests and reduced the duplicated information to its minimum. It works like a charm, without excessive amounts of undefined chunks of duplicated information and with clean logic structure.

Business Results

Currently, the app is actively being used and tested in various medical institutions, quickly raising its awareness and popularity. This small startup idea has drastically grown into a reasonably large company, which has already built $20,000,000 investments due to its success. Each month, the application is gaining up to 2,500 registered users who are actively requesting and communicating with the medical staff. More than 15,000 various medical specialists have registered and continue to help people out whenever they need it.

After just six months of the intense and dynamic development process, the client was satisfied and personally congratulated us on the success we have accomplished. He has also noted how close and motivated our team was involved in the app construction. The app is continuously being polished and is still enhancing the current back-end system to improve and document any possible detected vulnerabilities.

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They have a deep bench of talent and can quickly source various skill sets to meet our ever-changing needs. The team (and they do work as a team) has impressive engineering expertise and has gone above and beyond in learning regulatory industry frameworks such as HIPAA. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering their services. - James H., Chief Technology Officer

We always build the right products and provide all of our clients with stable and dynamic product architectures. Want to see your product here? Be sure to contact us and review some other entries from our dev journal!