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We turn business ideas into useful and profitable products. Whether you have strict tech requirements or haven't clearly defined your product vision we can help you in every stage of your product implementation.

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Why is custom software development a worthwhile investment?
Exact match with your need
Your business is unique and requires a software solution that addresses its exact needs. The custom software product has the potential not only to solve your current challenges and optimize processes but to be the foundation for your company's future growth and success. We'll make sure you have full control over the development process throughout every stage so that the product fully reflects your vision.
Take advantage of our expertise
With more than 9 years of experience successfully implementing effective digital solutions, we have a great level of expertise to build a product you want. We're here not only to provide you with great quality code but also to guide through the whole development process from product vision to a ready-to-use software.
Agile process and responsiveness
While you're planning on investing in custom software development mainly to achieve your long-term goals current objectives should never be forgotten about. Being agile and responsive to current market needs in now more important than ever. Following agile methodologies, we're able to deliver marketable products quicker and stay in tandem with your business goals.
Custom software development is a serious investment, so it's important to have the right technology partner. Choosing the right technologies that will fit your needs can save you thousands of dollars. Additionally, you'll be able to start with the most important features and move further when you have user feedback and budget. That way you'll be sure you're building a product that is needed and profitable.
Ongoing support of your product
The software development lifecycle doesn't end with the final release. Our ultimate goal is to create products that people enjoy using. As your company shifts and changes, your software will need to evolve. You can rely on us when it comes to your software support and maintenance whether it's performance optimization or tech upgrades.
We build a large, complex, and independent content-aggregation platform that helps find and organize relevant content with just little effort. The platform's infrastructure is packed with a full set of services to help users cut through the mass media noise and provide organizations with relevant knowledge. Currently, Cronycle is used by 2308 companies across the globe.

High-Load Content Aggregation Platform with micro-service architecture

Backend developers
DevOps engineers
QA engineers
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We created a smart farm solution that monitors environmental parameters, such as temperature, light, and water. Data is then collected in the cloud and is beamed on to the farmer's dashboards, from which the farmer can monitor the farm condition as well as remotely adjust parameters like temperature and light.
Unique farming automation solution based on the IoT technology
Backend developers
Frontend engineers
QA engineers
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