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Dedicated Software Development Team

Rely on us in finding the effective dedicated software development team for your project and manage it in your style. Focus on your business needs and core strategies and allow a team of qualified specialists to implement your project on time, scope, and budget.

Why dedicated software development team is the right choice for you?

You're aware of your project's complexity and you want to build a qualitative product with future prospects. You have your own team and you are going to extend it with a dedicated software development team, who will be able to have a solid understanding of your business goals. On-going communication with the team through everyday communication highly matters for you.

The dedicated software development team in action

dedicated software development team

Saving Costs on Recruitment

The Dedicated Team model eliminates the need of staff recruiting, who will participate in the project. We take full responsibility for finding the necessary specialists. Additionally, you don't have to worry about expenses, such as office / workplace expenses, educational training and so on. Another big advantage is saving a tremendous amount of time. The process of hiring people, who would be able to fit the needs of your project, takes a lot of time and resources. We take the burden off your shoulders and configure the team according to the peculiarities of your project.

best dedicated software development team

Continuous Integration and Faster Development Speed

In order to be always on top, a project should not stop evolving. This means enlarging the functionality by developing new features as well as supporting and refining the old ones. With a single team on your project, you avoid excessive distractions and increase immersion into the project development. This results in increasing the development speed and releasing new features more frequently. The Dedicated Team is a really effective model for the projects that keep evolving over time. It keeps a team engaged over the single project without distracting its attention so that it can easily shift to another stage without scaling the team or putting together a new team for support.

dedicated software development team jetruby

Full Control over the Process

By using the Dedicated Team model, you have the power to choose the direction of your project development. In case of changes or new requirements, you can easily enlarge your team or reduce the number of your team. Being directly involved in the software development process allows you to manage the process of your teamwork and set new priorities for new key goals. The team, in its turn, being highly motivated can instantly react to any issues or changes in the scope of the project as well as providing expert advice.

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A reliable and long-term partnership

Having found a reliable and dedicated team, you may build a long-term partnership by demonstrating your business values, creating a successful work culture, and aligning them with your further views. We will help you build a strong and growing rela

Super simple inventory tracking solution with more than 15 million items sorted


Front-end developer


Back-end developer


QA engineers

Sortly is a Swift application that provides a super simple inventory and asset tracking system for both regular consumers and businesses of all types and sizes. The iOS application has been recognized as industry best for over 5 years straight. It has been ranked as #1 on App Store and featured in Forbes, ABC news, FOX, New York Post & Inc. Sortly for home on App Store. Sortly for business on App Store.


Months of cooperation


Hours saved

A unique solution for eliminating name mispronunciation through easy-to-learn audio pronunciations


Full-stack developers


Front-end developer


QA engineers

In collaboration with NameCoach team, we developed a unique web application that offers a simple yet very effective solution to the ubiquitous and common problem of mispronouncing names. Used by some of the largest US universities and colleges, including Stanford, Pepperdine, Xavier, Haverford and so on.


Months of cooperation


Hours saved

Start your Project Right Away!

Here, at JetRuby, we take things seriously. By offering dedicated team services, we offer effectiveness, stability, and successful project implementation in time, scope, and budget. Let us prove it to you. If you don't like our services, we'll pay you back.

Our Account Management Team

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US Account Manager

Building and maintaining a strong, long-lasting, trusting customer relationship; ensuring the timely and successful delivery of the solutions according to customer needs and objectives - These are some of the strong sides of Roman.

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UK Account Manager

Ilya is not just a regular Account Manager. He is one of those, who ensure timely and successful solutions delivery according to the set needs and objectives.

We measure NPS every month, the current one is 9 from 10

High brand loyalty doesn't mean high customer satisfaction.

As an indicator of our work's quality, we use the NPS (Net Promoter Score) method. From times to times, we ask our clients the following question "What is the probability you recommend our services to your friend?" If we get 9 or 10, this means we're doing a good job.

Our dedicated software development team Tech Stack

reactjs development services

Ruby on Rails

Do you need to build a cost-efficient Ruby on Rails apps with saving up to 35% on software development?

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Node JS

Build high-performance and scalable web applications with fast product releases on time & budget.

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