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JetRuby partnership programs are opportunities for other companies to take advantage of our award-winning services and quality support for our customers.

These programs are designed to be an additional, stable revenue channel for your business, they are easy to set up and we provide all the tools and support you may require. Whether you want to participate in a referral program or sell JetRuby Agency services, we want to make sure the partnership is mutually beneficial and you are bringing value to your customers

Three Good Reasons

We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier

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We do not deliver the source code, we deliver the product. We are proud of our problem-solving skills and realize that it's not always about the programming code! We strive to answer all questions and deal with all your issues in a good time, responsible and above all personal manner.

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Proven Stack

Only proven technologies. We do not reinvent the wheel. We use and constantly improve only a specific technology stack that is being used by the biggest corporations including Twitter, GitHub, Airbnb, Shopify, SoundCloud.

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Quality and Budget

Timeline and budget. Based on the industry standards, unlike most of the competitors, JetRuby delivers projects in a fast, predictable way for the client. Forget about uncategorized delays and budget spending when you work with JetRuby. We deliver product features constantly, in the budget .

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous

To achieve our goal of providing a partnership option that strengthens your position in the market, we offer such categories of partnering:

1. Referral Program
2. Development Program
3. Service/Software Resellers Program
4. Leads Sharing Program
5. Startup Program

To Whom Will It Suit?


Bring Your Ideas to Life

To achieve our goal of providing a partnership option that strengthens your position in the market, we offer such categories of partnering:

1. Referral Program
2. Development Program
3. Service/Software Resellers Program
4. Leads Sharing Program
5. Startup Program


The world of technology and otherwise is changing rapidly. It’s always good to keep on your toes. That’s what your partners are for: two heads are better than one. Your partner might share insight that makes you pivot, or share a skill you don’t have and vice versa. Having partners makes the world of business a much friendlier place that’s easier to navigate.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • Landing page express design – 1 week UI/UX design investigation and work. The result is well-balanced and UX-optimized design in sketch format for the partner for free.
  • QA inspection for partner product for free. The result is the QA report about partner’s product bugs and vulnerabilities;
  • Networking boost – publish info about the partner’s business across JetRuby network. The result is the LinkedIn post from the CEO’s name;
  • Find a subcontractor – if a partner requires development help from JetRuby’s non-core industry fields (i.e. PHP, Java, Perl etc.) we can offer the possibility to find the resources from our leads sharing network. JetRuby in this case can operate as white-label development subcontractor with the basic fee discount.
  • Marketing boost – prepare and publish success story of the partner’s business at the company’s resources;
  • Prospecting – our Account Managers will analyze a partner’s business and advise the potential partners from our network to contact about additional business opportunities.

JetRuby provides an improvement for your business for free. In return, the business partner recommends JetRuby for their business network.

Building a business can be a lonely endeavor. With the program, JetRuby offers – it doesn’t have to be. It’s about sharing audiences and resources between two complementary brands to reach goals that neither one could do as effectively alone.
These strategic partnerships can benefit big businesses and startups alike, sharing what you have instead of building from scratch to get more exposure for each of JetRuby products or services.
We’re constantly looking for partners to exchange the leads for a commission to JetRuby Agency.

The benefits are:

  • Being more cost-effective by pooling together resources like marketing budgets and expertise.
  • Sharing audiences of similar leads who are already qualified as potential customers.
  • Creating and fostering a positive long-term relationship between brands as they help each other out.

Every week JetRuby gets the lead transfer request or subcontract our technology: Ruby on Rails, Mobile or JS-stack. And we want to strengthen this effect, spread it across the software agencies of the world.
We steadily pay the commission for the projects we got from your lead. And we constantly transfer non-core leads to our partners.

What are the advantages of working with us?

  1. Reputation: more than 10 years on the market, dozens of clients, hundreds of happy clients. We cannot risk this all by cheating on leads.
  2. Passive income: you’ll just receive the money for a project which started from your lead.
  3. No risks of outsourcing: you will work with the well-established business. No time delays, no defective development or cheating the customers.
  4. Save time on management.
  5. Keep your eye on the ball.
  6. Exclusive agreement. Every qualified partner has the personal partners manager to clarify all ‘pain-in-the-neck’ questions.
  7. Right of first refusal

JetRuby is a popular choice for firms looking to maximize their services offerings and scalability, just talk to the people we’ve worked with. Development partners leverage JetRuby’s highly-specialized professionals to efficiently increase profitability and top-line revenue. Whether your firm is looking to add greater expertise under its brand, reduce overhead, or increase margins, we have an engagement model that will fit your needs, the most common of which are:

Whitelabel: JetRuby gives partners the advantage of having “on-demand” resources and wholesales rates. Development is performed by JetRuby development team under various companies and development team names. The partner maintains all intellectual property rights for the product. The benefit for the manufacturer and the marketer is that the manufacturer can concentrate on making the product or service and focus on cost savings. The marketer can invest in marketing and selling the product. Businesses use white label services to maintain brand integrity while adding additional horsepower.

Subcontractor: JetRuby staff will integrate seamlessly with your team, enabling you to maintain autonomy and oversight of the resources you retain. Besides that, your development process flow will get boosted by our vast experience in multiple domains. You’ve never felt such road control before!

Nearshoring: Nearshoring is the outsourcing of business processes, especially information technology processes, to companies in a nearby country, often sharing a border with the target country. Both parties expect to benefit from one or more of the following dimensions of proximity: geographic, temporal (time zone), cultural, social, linguistic, economic, political, or historical linkages.

We help partners take advantage of Europe’s largest and most skilled IT talent pool. With conveniently located development centers in Eastern Europe, we’re within arm’s reach of our partners and customers in the EU or UK. As a nearshoring partner, JetRuby offers white label and subcontracting options, as well as customized solutions.

JetRuby offers:

  • a structured governance framework,
  • a strict communication plan,
  • tiered support levels,
  • back office support,
  • white-labeled project tools such as Jira / Trello / Pivotal Tracker / Basecamp,
  • dedicated account manager,
  • deployment management,
  • security/pen testing


  • JetRuby does not offer the in-house development teams service. Temporary office visits are negotiable with partner expenses only;
  • JetRuby does not offer partner’s client working hours team presence, except standalone signed SLA agreement between JetRuby and partner.

Partnership levels:

  1. Silver Level – 1-4 customers
  2. Gold Level – 4-9 customers
  3. Endorsed Level – 10+ customers

Please contact us to get the full partnership level schema in PDF.

Launching a new brand? Developing a brand new product or service or starting an entirely new company? I bet you are definitely our client! We developed JetRuby Tech Angel (JTA) program specifically to address the needs of emerging companies.

We have a history of helping startups. Would be a matter of putting together a compelling program. Build your startup with the infrastructure and tools used by tech giants. The program is designed to grow with you. Your early-stage startup can take advantage of consulting, development, and world-class agency as you build and scale your business.

  • Get up and running quickly and easily with mentorship, training, and development from the JetRuby Tech Angel program for startups.
  • Unique propositions from our partners to help your business grow.
  • A set of built-in parameters including a small set of decision makers, a concise number of explorations, rapid feedback, and quick decision making.

All of this contributes to lower costs and expedited development of startup infrastructure.

Please check your eligibility to apply for a startup program:

  1. Idea level – self-backed development (a cherished dream to conquer the world would be a plus).
  2. Grow level – has reached Series-A funding stage/Bootstrapped who have achieved product-market-fit.
  3. Expand level – has reached Series-B funding stage/Bootstrapped who are seeking market expansion.

To Whom Will It Suit?

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