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Save time and effort on retaining your customers by cooperating with a reliable development partner.

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What you get

Project team extension with complementary skills your team is missing

Partnership with JetRuby is the opportunity to take advantage of our award-winning services and quality support for our customers.

Non-core leads exchange with a commission for the project

As complementary brands, we are able to share our resources and audiences to reach our business goals more effectively.

how it works

Our Partnership Programs

As complementary brands we can share our audiences to reach goals that neither one could do as effectively alone

Lead Sharing

Share non-core qualified leads for a percentage of the contract.

You introduce us all together

We start the negotiation independently

In case the contract is signed you get the percentage of this contract

You get


of the contract*

Recommendation Program

Recommend us to your existing clients and partners, and we'll share the revenue.

We have 3 partnership levels depending on the amount of customers introduced

The percentage depends on the partnership level and your envolvement during the communication

You get


of the contract*

Development Partnership

Extend your services offering and scalability.




Additional benefits depending on the partnership level

You get


up to 5% for our services

*for up to the 6 months of the ongoing development

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our offer

Your benefits from
partnering with us?

Extend your services offer

Save your clients' time to search for a fitting development agency

Exceed customers' expectations

No micromanagement and development efforts from your side

Increase customer satisfaction and retention

Get more complex and exciting projects from your existing clients

Grow your sales funnels

Get a long-term reliable partner to help you provide your clients' success

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Take advantage of our award-winning services and bring more value to your customers

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You can rely on us
in our expertise fields

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We deliver on time. Always

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Effective communication

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We are committed to achieving goals

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Self-managed team

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High-quality deliverables

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Sense of ownership

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Agile and proactive

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We help products grow


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