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A very simple and functional marketplace to buy and sell your business hassle-free without third-party agents.

The Tech Stack:

Ruby on rails








>2 years

About the project

We helped the client create a unique product — an online marketplace based on a simple yet multifunctional platform.

Among other solutions, the project provides the following service:

Signing any document with an electronic signature. Just upload a document of a supported format to get it;

Setting up filters to let the broker display as much information as they are ready to share with;

Setting up filters for the buyer to enable the evaluation of the broker's assets by professional lawyers.

Challenges to overcome

As we started to analyze the application development process,we have found a few compelling challenges highlighted below:

The need to make "Beazzy" stand out among a huge number of lookalikes by featuring its unique functionality;

Creating a solution that allows a potential buyer to quickly grasp a large number of business subcategories;

Creating a system that will not allow any user to "steal" a business idea and start their own business due to the availability of essential information;

The client has a limited budget.

beazzy 1 development

More interfaces

beazzy 22 development

Our work

To make something really unique, our Dev team has chosen to go with electronic signature on any document.

If the doc format is supported by our web platform, it can be uploaded and made available for online signatures by both the client and the buyer. “HelloSign” makes it simple and easy to do inside our web application.

Our team has developed a very useful function, allowing users to filter out unnecessary interactions with buyers and ensure a high level of confidentiality for the broker.

To bring it to life, three major conditions must be met: clients that communicate with buyers, the presence of the business unit, and its description (including Rent price, Sizes, Date of Expiry, etc.).

We have created a similar filter for the buyer. When they find the potentially interesting business, they are offered to go through the document verification with the professional assistance of Beazzy lawyers.

They will calculate the net value of their assets and if positive, the system will give both sides the green light for further discussions. Otherwise, the client will be offered other businesses to consider.

Our final goal is to make businesses thrive

Right now, we are still improving the platform. Its major release is coming soon! Our team is dedicated to putting more effort into it.

Beazzy's business model is simple: both clients and brokers buy subscriptions to use the web app. The subscription allows for publishing the business ad or contacting a potentially interesting business.

By the way, the platform does not interfere with your transactions. It's a matter of the offline settlement between a buyer and a seller.

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