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A user-friendly auction platform where buyers have the opportunity to place bets via SMS
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About the project

CashOutMyCar is a project specializing in the sale of used cars at auction. The speed of operations makes this project stand out among other similar auction sites. Once sellers publish an ad, potential buyers are notified with push or SMS alerts. In their turn, buyers are able to place bets at record speed via SMS (even when the internet connection is off).
Among other solutions, you can find the following services provided by the project:

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Challenges to overcome

The analysis of the application development helped us reveal a few compelling challenges highlighted below:

Enabling buyers to quickly place bids

Eliminating difficulty of selling Used/Wrecked cars at lucrative prices

Helping buyers to find cars in decent condition

Our work

Having explored the used car market in the USA, we turned to the design and discovery stage. As part of a package, we prepared a marketing outreach campaign, visual concept, mockups, and clickable prototypes, as well as technical architecture design.

Instead of a mobile application, we developed a PWA solution with similar functionality. Through the PWA, users can receive push notifications, post ads, and place bids.

Instead of making potential buyers wait for a mobile app to open and its pages to load, our solution has allowed them to just place a bid via a special code. This code is sent by them in response to an SMS alert.

At the early stage, the client’s vision was about having an MVP. However, our team managed to turn the application into a full-fledged product in just four months.

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What made the business succeed

Before the solution had been rolled out, the majority of buyers missed out on great deals for technical reasons: someone suffered a slow internet connection, or their mobile coverage was not enough to provide a decent browsing experience.
The CashOutMyCar solution completely solved this problem, enabling buyers not only to receive instant SMS notifications about great deals but also to instantly place a bet and purchase a car.
To ensure efficient auction deals, our team developed a fast and intuitive PWA that allowed users to save time and place bids instantly. Car dealers also benefited from the opportunity to buy up cars in good condition and expand the range of spare parts, due to buying used cars for spare parts.
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