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A well-known brand among software platforms for selling 3D printers.

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About the project

Glowforge is a brand of compact and stylish 3D printers, for which our team created an e-commerce platform. It helped to increase brand awareness and improve the sales process.

Among other solutions, the project provides the following service:

Creating a logo and user interface design;

Changing the process of interaction between different parts of the app;

Improving the integration of e-commerce, logistics, and accounting services;

Connecting to the Avаlara tax calculation service, facilitating the buying process in different countries. It also provides customers and employees with relevant notifications;

Reducing the need for manual labor of company employees by optimizing the routines.

Challenges to overcome

The analysis of the application development process has revealed a few compelling challenges highlighted below:

The product with a sound brand name did not have its own recognizable image. The first thing to do was branding to make its trade name easily recognizable in the eyes of the client;

The process of preparing an order in Glowforge initially took a huge amount of time, due to involving several departments of the company;

It was necessary to simplify the synchronization of data between various departments, as well as prices & tax calculations for each given country. It has also touched on automating the system processes to the fullest possible extent.


More interfaces


Our work

The color palette with serene blue, black, and white colors prevailing was chosen for the logo and corporate identity symbol, allowing the user to feel confident and relaxed.

The automation of the system was finalized by us, enabling easy submission of customer tasks to the NetSuite system and their synchronization with the Glowforge store.

These tasks work for a variety of scenarios, such as pre-orders and real-time orders, the behavior of the system in RMA, and a scenario in which the selected item is not present in the local warehouse.

Through the Avalara service, the function was introduced to let any client or employee obtain the total amount of the order, including a pre-calculated tax added value for the country specified in the order. As a result, users could receive a clear idea of the prices of goods and the relevant tax rate.

What made the business succeed

We built an attractive Glowforge website design that allows for simplistic navigation through various sections of the website. Now the buying process for users has become much easier.

Glowforge is considered to be the leading and the most iconic 3D printer technology company in its market niche. It was estimated that at least a few million handcrafted materials were created by its customers and they still produce actively.

The estimated sales revenue of Glowforge spiked up to $70 million in January 2018, and this is a constantly growing number!

During the first month following the release, more than 10,000 printer products have been successfully sold. A great number of customers have already tried the Glowforge app and are quite happy about their user experience.

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