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Health & Wellness App Improvement

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About the project

We implement this project at the request of the U.S. health and wellness company. A healthy lifestyle embraces a lot of habits, which sometimes take work to keep track of.

The mobile app aims to keep track of food habits, meal programs, and coach control easily and intuitively. Users must select a membership plan, pick a coach, and start self-improvement with digital control via the in-app tools. 

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Health & Wellness App Improvement case

About the project

The project needed a detailed roadmap and required a careful business analysis in the first place

A relatively low app operation speed on iOS and web platforms 

Apps required test coverage

The storage for media files was not optimized, occupying around 170 GB

Our work

step 1

Design and Discovery phase

After carefully analyzing critical product parameters and major characteristics (the number of new signs up, user behavior, flows, etc.), we outlined several product hypotheses to drive revenue and bring value.

These hypotheses focused on the onboarding navigation tips for new users, featuring payment methods, encouraging feedback on coaches, creating the system of coaching mentorship, sharing the body progress photos, personalized meal plans, etc. 

Design and Discovery phase

step 2


We increased testing coverage for Meal Plans and user statuses. The below chart represents the dynamic of time responses to different requests. Initially, the time response was 50 seconds, and after the improvements, this time was reduced to 5 seconds.

To visualize and track application performance, we used the New Relic dashboard. This tool identifies the most frequently used backend endpoints and analyzes the frontend request statistics.

step 3

Setting up the app performance tracking

We added the New Relic agents to our staging and production environments. The system sends alerts through channels like Slack if any observed metrics reach a critical state. It covers the usage of CPU, memory, and disk. The system also tracks the frequency of the host’s responses and Redis process presence.

step 4

Increasing apps’ speed

Performance patches allowed for increasing apps’ speed. For example, the average time to open a chat room dropped from 35 seconds to 6-10 seconds on iOS and from 15-30 seconds to 6-9 seconds on the web app.

Increasing apps’ speed

step 5

Optimization of the media storage

Photo and media exchange within the app is one of its central tools, as it allows sharing of recipes and body shape progress and facilitates coaches' mentorship activities. Before our improvements, photos were downloaded in their original size and opened screen-wide. We enabled the compression while maintaining proportions. We also decreased the storage space by ten, from 170 GB to 17 GB. The media files were moved to DigitalOcean Spaces, an S3-compatible object storage.

Optimization of the media storage

Business Results

Optimization has transformed the app into a feature-rich, lighter, more comfortable, and user-friendly tool for healthy lifestyle fans.


Image compression

Database - storage consistency

Media storage

Performance patches:
1. Avatars loading improvement
2. Indexing for customers and chat_rooms


The average size of the picture was ~10 - 12 Mb

  • Deleting attachments without a file
  • Deleting files without attachments

Space took 170GB

iOS app

  • Chat rooms average speed was 35s
  • Teams page average speed was 35-40s

Web app

  • Chat rooms average speed was 15- 30s
  • Teams page average speed was  25-40s


The average size is 200-300 Kb

The database is consistent

The storage space is 17 GB

iOS app
  • Chat rooms average speed is 6-10s
  • Teams page average speed is 6-10s
Web app
  • Chat rooms average speed is 6-9s
  • Teams page average speed is 6-11s

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