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Health App

The application for remote monitoring of patient health by doctors.

The Tech Stack:

Ruby on rails






iOS, Android




2 years

About the project

We helped our customers develop a healthcare application that would become a safe place for patients, relatives, doctors, and healthcare professionals to communicate and exchange information with each other.

It should meet the following needs:

Help patients find the right doctor;

Help patients store medical information in one place;

Help doctors keep track of their patients;

Helping patients monitor their health, and keep them informed of any possible changes in records;

Help hospitals manage patients with chronic illnesses;

Use social networks to inform and educate patients on their health;

Implement the functions of chat, notifications, admin panel, and API;

Integrate mapping and geolocation services to let patients easily find doctors near to them;

Implement the patient survey function in the form of a questionnaire;

Also, the solutions include the development of the interface and application design.

Challenges to overcome

The analysis of the application development helped us reveal a few compelling challenges highlighted below:

The need to distinguish the "Health App" from many other apps with similar functionality;

Introduction of a unique design and functionality;

Implementation of the function of separating users by roles - Family Group, Medical team & Care team;

Creation of functionality for sending notifications to doctors when deviations from the norms in the patient's health are detected;

Consideration of FDA restrictions for medical software applications, in particular HIPAA regulations.


More interfaces


Our work

We have combined several key functions in one application.

Health board is the main screen of the application and the place where users can search for a specific specialist. This is also the spot for communication. Detailed health information is displayed under this message.

The admin panel, implemented with the help of API, stores and manages patient profiles, as well as the information about medical professionals. The panel interface unites patients with similar chronic diseases into groups.

Chat allows doctors and patients to communicate in real-time. It is used to send system notifications to patients, including surveys and alerts. Surveys are created by administrators and designed to monitor the patient's condition or collect data on the patient’s satisfaction, while alerts are triggered based on data provided by patients in surveys.

Through API for the interface, we connected the front-end and server parts. To make finding the right doctor an easy process, we have integrated several filters and online maps.

The introduction of three types of user groups made it possible to break them into groups for convenient communication. A single repository for all documents allows you to store recipes and other important things in one place.

What makes this case successful

As a result, we created a stable, easy to navigate, HIPAA-compliant medical software system. The application can be easily scaled to reach a much larger number of healthcare users around the world.

Currently, the app is being actively used and tested in various medical institutions, quickly raising brand awareness and becoming more popular.
This small startup idea has successfully grown into a reasonably large company. Investments into the project have already reached the milestone of $20,000,000.

Each month, the application is getting up to 2,500 registered and active users, making their requests and communicating with the medical staff. More than 20,000 medical specialists of various specializations have also registered and continually help people out whenever they need it.


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