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The Tech Stack:

Ruby on rails



HR Tech






1 year

About the project

We created an easy-to-use automated video interview platform that improves job selection.

Among other solutions, the project offers the following:

Short one-way video responses to personalized surveys;

Visual and functional representation of a web platform;

Ability to expand the platform over time;

Implementing a design.

Challenges to overcome

Startup and small business owners, together with their Hiring managers, face a lot of challenges.

Just imagine feeling pressure to fill open positions, identifying suitable candidates, managing numerous job postings, holding tons of face-to-face interactions, and all that goes with managing your daily non-hiring tasks.

Develop an employment process that is candidate-friendly. For example, don’t make your candidate leave work in the middle of the day for a one-hour screening interview on the other side of town.

In addition, modern technology makes communication more manageable, especially when it comes to HR-related interaction.

Our approach to working with HelloCecil

We listen:

HelloCecil client wanted a fresh and easy-to-use platform that could be expanded over time, so we helped them do just that!

We communicate:

With HelloCecil, we held live meetings every week to actively discuss project updates, new ideas, improvements, and plans. This way, our clients were regularly updated.

We do:

For HelloCecil, a team of highly-skilled engineers was involved in front-end and back-end development, along with an experienced Project manager and Account manager to guide and support both team and the client along the way.

Video of the interface

Business results

As a result, we were able to build one of the most user-friendly and straightforward platforms for video interviewing.

HelloCecil helps business owners and hiring staff go beyond the resume and find their next top talent much faster by creating custom questions, sharing the questionnaire with numerous candidates, comparing candidate responses, and rating candidates.

In the first three months, the company's customers used the HelloCecil platform for more than 2,000 video screenings.

As a result, the client was thinking about expanding the business into other areas outside of HR Tech.

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