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HelpMyTask is a functionally rich web and mobile two-sided marketplace platform for users finding and applying to temporary jobs or creating such jobs.

The Tech Stack:

Ruby on rails






Web, iOS




1 year

About the project

We created a product that includes such features as finding/posting jobs locally, filtering jobs, payment transactions, rating and commenting on performance after the job completion.

Among other solutions, the project provides the following:

Development of a mobile app and web platform with the identical set of features;

Conducting UX / UI research;

Instant communication feature for all users;

Visual and functional representation of all platforms;

Implementation of payment in local currency;

Integration of third-party payment services.

Challenges to overcome

In the process of developing the app, we encountered some challenges that we successfully overcame.

The client did not want to use Apple's built-in payment system on iOS, so we implemented an internal currency which reduced the operating costs of the product by approximately 25%;

Finding and integrating the 3rd party payment services that would correspond to European regulations and at the same time would offer a competitive commission rate charged per transaction.

More interfaces


Work process

The entire production stage was divided into several iterations, following the Agile approach, considering that the requirements in such a highly competitive area as Digital Marketplaces may change frequently.

We worked out the product definition, business canvas and user story map documents to make sure that everything is aligned with the client’s vision yet is corresponding to the industry standards. In parallel, we ran UX research aiming to learn about the user behavior patterns.

Once the design part was completed - we began with the technical implementation stage. We ensured that our engineers involved in this project had experience with similar products, ensuring that the expertise is above the project requirements.


Ultimately, we created a product that includes the following features:

Task creation, adding description/photos, expected labor costs, job location, category type, payment method;

Filtering jobs by location category, costs, method of payment, map view of the jobs;

Contractors can produce counter offers and leave comments/rate customers;

Online payment processing;

Real-time system monitoring for users’ conflicts and content moderation


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