A complex digital solution for the e-commerce business, that allows you to order goods online and have them quickly delivered to your doors
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Ruby on Rails, React, Kotlin




Web, iOS, Android


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1 year

About the project

Kuwait E-commerce is a grocery ordering and delivery app with a wide choice of items from local suppliers. The app allows buyers to browse and shop for food, grocery, and household items from the local retail stores. The combination of e-commerce and retail purposes in this project opens the door to a variety of business opportunities.

Business goals of the project:

Challenges to overcome

Develop an “all-in-one” retail & e-commerce app from scratch. The work must provide the room for further expansion of the project’s functionality

Work out a UX/UI design that will embrace nuances of the Kuwait local market

Come up with a system solution based on OZ.Markt to link together control & management systems, web store, and mobile apps with the functions of purchase and delivery.


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In short, the whole business ecosystem has been digitized through the automation of processes that worked in manual or semiautomatic mode before — from the client mobile application where users select necessary items to the internal processes of the ecosystem.

We connected the key chains between the user’s mobile app, backend, and admin system reflecting all orders and those parts of the app that power fulfillment of orders, including delivery.

As a result, users could enjoy online ordering of food, grocery, and household items from the network of local stores with the option to pick their order up or get it delivered to their homes and offices. The order is packed in the nearest retail store to the customer.
In the future, the project is going to drastically expand through the enhancement of a marketing campaign and functionality, increasing market share in the country, and adding more vendors.

The team is considering entering new regional markets. The coming features of the full-scale product will include:

  • Customer service call-center
  • Support the Arabic language
  • Support of iPhone and web-version

Recipes, social login, calories calculator, product recommendations based on ML, wishlists, live chat, virtual currency, etc.

This enhancement of functionality became possible due to the scalability of the app initially ensured by the MVP development

Frame 1597882406 scaled development

Business results

We developed the MPV solution for the Kuwait E-commerce ecosystem and it’s going through action tests with the first clients now. Further functionality will be developed on a scalable basis of MVP and help expand logistic service to end-users. MVP allows moving forward to increase the average bill and user base of this on-demand order & delivery app.

Also, the Android version of the client mobile app has been released. It’s enough to demonstrate that the app ensures two-sided benefits to buyers and vendors alike. Buyers will save time and money, enjoying a better choice of retail options and quick delivery of their orders. Vendors or retail shops can boost their sales and raise brand awareness.
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