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Learnifier is an online course builder platform with over 12.000+ various course materials.

The Tech Stack:

Ruby on rails


kotlin development Kotlin




iOS, Android




1,5 years

About the project

Learnifier is a perfect tool to manage and create a set of documented rules for every position in a different company. This platform provides an easy way to create blended learning courses.

Among other solutions, the project provides the following:

Developing your wrapper around an existing web platform;

The additional development of a white-labeled clone application based on Learnifier;

Creating an individual system designed for tracking and re-requesting authorization data;

Using the components of the original web application to create an iOS app and publish it to the App Store.

Challenges to overcome

The analysis of the application development process allowed us to identify a few compelling challenges. Let us highlight them below:

Overcoming App Store rules to publish an application that reuses components of an existing Learnifier platform;

Creating a clone application for the partner of our client;

The need to connect the native and web interfaces.

Additionally, to ensure the connection between the native and the web interfaces, we implemented the following features:

Hide / Show button in the system style;

Managing the status of the loading indicator;

Making links open in an external browser.


More interfaces

Learnifier -2

Our work

Our team has invested time into building the basic component of the native app and implemented the elementary functionality of the web platform for iOS. Also, we made several stress tests to ensure that the app would perform well under high load.

Our team was determined to produce an efficient solution. In just a couple of weeks, we came up with a complete clone of Learnifier. It consisted of different styles, layouts, colors, logos, and UI components. Finally, it has been successfully published to the AppStore.

In addition, we have created an individual system designed for tracking and re-requesting authorization data and the interface, which will display the web content and the user authorization.

Also, we found a set of workarounds for the Apple Store release that allowed us to legally use the components of the original web application, but with some changes introduced.

Business results

Within just a year of its release, more than 120,000 people have passed various courses and every single minute around 1,500 users are constantly learning and excelling in their studies.

Currently, the Learnifier app is available on the Apple Store offering over 12.000 various course materials. It is available in more than 150 countries worldwide with a huge database consisting of more than 500,000 active users.

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