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Smart social network with the possibility of anonymous communication with people selected according to the user's preferences.

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1 year

About the project

Together with the client, we developed a completely new social network based on personal interests and a news feed that adapts to the user's preferences.

Other features included the ability to communicate anonymously within the network and adjust privacy settings whenever a user posts a news feed or comments on an existing one.

Among other solutions, the project provides the following:

Creating a notification system and storing them on a separate tab in the app;

Creating a tagging system for user posts;

Applications developed for different mobile platforms;

Visual and functional representation of a mobile platform;

Implementing a design.

Challenges to overcome

As we started to analyze the application development process, we have found a few compelling challenges highlighted below:

The constant change of requirements:
We had to establish close interaction with the client and offer our solutions for optimization with substantial reasons for doing so;

Meeting the results on time:
Usually, startups can’t afford to spend years on pre-release development. Leepsee is no exception. We had to provide a high-quality MVP version to avoid any issues with deadlines;

To track user engagement and conversion rates in a proper way, all critical app metrics should be put together and underpin the further improvement of marketing strategies


More interfaces

Our work

After the first two months of development, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was ready. When completed, the client received the iOS application for their final approval. After 8 months of development in a total, the product moved from closed beta to the release version. ​

After analyzing the requirements for creating an application for two platforms at once - iOS and Android - we decided to first create an application on one platform, as this allowed us to correctly handle all unforeseen errors, which subsequently reduced the overall budget. As a result, the client received a full-fledged iOS application built on native Swift technologies.

In the end, we have built a product that was completely different from its original idea, but it was what the client actually needed. Due to the high quality of MVP we developed, the client was happy to continue cooperating with us for future enhancements such as additional tasks, analytics, and post-release project support.


Business results

In just a month of dedicated development work, Leepse has been released and gained huge popularity and positive feedback among youngsters.

Since its first release, the app has received almost 500 positive reviews on the Apple Store along with a boost in popularity. We managed to reach the balance of being flexible in our planning processes while also offering expert guidance.

Annually, the application is hitting nearly 10,000 installations and is widely used on the iPhone platform across the USA.

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