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A unique web platform that solves social embarrassment or alienation experienced by us when names are mispronounced.

The Tech Stack:

Node.js NodeJS








4 years

About the project

The central concept of the “NameCoach” platform is to provide users with the simple solution, allowing for the correct pronunciation of names.

Among other solutions, the project provides the following:

Solving problems of existing integrations that do not work correctly in the application;

Accessibility of the app to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability;

Implementation of demo pages and integration with machine learning systems;

Right semantic use of HTML and correct use of various attributes in the layout, such as tabindex and aria for Readers;

Implementation of the voice recording function using the Twilio API (Twimg).

Challenges to overcome

Before starting the development phase, we analyzed the underlying challenges of the project. Our team found several rather critical and urgent issues:

Absence of Unit Tests;

Fragile and hard-coded architectures;

Large chunks of unstructured code.

Focusing on these challenges was important, as further development without their elimination could be very expensive. In addition, it was necessary to solve several other problems:

Initially poor integration with the Twilio messaging service;

Implementation of extensions that increase the accessibility of the app: NVDA, Apple VoiceOver, JAWS, etc;

Smart implementation of markup and tools for convenient work with the application on various devices, including Readers.

More interfaces


Our work

Firstly, we have done accurate refactoring of code and covered it with complete unit test packages, which have included some of the fundamental functionalities, such as authorization (CanCanCan) and authentication (Devise) processes.

Within the scope of accessibility works, we have implemented various tasks based on the independent reports from accessibility engineers.

We have integrated a cloud messaging service that allows you to record your voice using a mobile device.​ Also, we have created new demo landing pages and integration with the Learning Machine Systems (Moodle, Canvas, Sakai, Desire2Learn, and Blackboard).

We have created mass mailing functions with the ability to edit messages, as well as to create and edit user fields in the registration form and various authentication methods.

What made the business succeed

For almost three years, our company has been teaming up with "NameCoach" to enhance, model, and advance this web platform. It is a truly unique web platform that solves social embarrassment or alienation when names can be mispronounced in critical settings.

Currently, almost every top and famous US university is actively utilizing this platform. The list includes Stanford, Haverford, Xavier, CMU, and Northwestern schools.

Now the platform has almost approached the 110,000 active users milestone. The annual growth of the user base is 35%. All of them feel much more confident now!


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