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Providing contactless payment in pubs across the US.

NFC Moments

The Tech Stack:

Ruby on rails


kotlin development Kotlin


Food and Beverage


iOS, Android




1 years

About the project

The idea to provide contactless payment in pubs across the US came up with an advanced mobile solution, letting bar guests enjoy a perfect nightlife. With this option, they would not have to carry a purse!

The project provides the following solutions:

Creating a personal account for each supplier;

Adding products with a description;

Managing your account and setting commissions;

Withdrawal of funds;

Ensuring maximum security of both personal and payment data.

Challenges to overcome

Too much time is spent on payment processing. A pub is a place where you’ve got to serve guests as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they would lose their vigor: the average transaction time could last for 4 minutes! That lags in the process of payment may affect and slow down a bartender's work.

There is no employee and payment unified control system. For better business control, executives should have a place to store all the information about the employees, income, and so on.

Ensure payment security. Bar customers should have a spending limit (for example, to spend no more than 100 dollars overnight). Besides, the security of the final product had to prevent copying the bracelets and hijacking the payment data.

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Our work

Prior to implementing the payment acquiring functionality, we've conducted a detailed research and analysis of market solutions along with their security level. NFC Moments app allows making a payment with your wristband and cut the transaction time by 40 times! Being more specific, the transaction time takes less than 10 seconds.

We have implemented a web dashboard for pub owners to keep there the information related to their business. Using the dashboard, they can easily check and stay tuned about the profitability of their pubs. Besides, it's the place where all the information about the employees, income, and so on is stored.

NFC Moments USA

What made the business succeed

Our team developed a fast and intuitive mobile application that allows users to save their time and make their night-outs less stressful. The app also helps bar owners improve their service level providing customers with a futuristic experience.

Using NFC Moments, you can forget about endless queues in pubs as well as annoying and time-consuming payment transactions.

Imagine a world where paying for purchases and buying drinks can be easy as a touch.
Oh, wait, it already exists!

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