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Saffron Cooks

An app for premium food delivery service bringing a restaurant-like dining experience.

The Tech Stack:

Ruby on rails



Food delivery






<1 year

About the project

This startup was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, with the idea to create an application for an exclusive food delivery service. Its main competitive advantages were supreme restaurant experience and a great choice of delicious meals.

Among other solutions, the project provides the following:

In-depth analysis of your business model and practical solutions for your marketing campaign in addition to technical issues;

Refactoring of already existing code;

Introduction of a loyalty program with gift cards;

Resolving all vulnerabilities in the code to prevent the leak of personal data.

Challenges to overcome

After we analyzed the application development process, we’ve identified a few compelling challenges highlighted below:

One of the main problems in the application was the long way of the client to the payment screen and the client’s failure to make a quick order and pay for it;

Most existing functions were not finished and required improvement;

The core backend infrastructure was not in great condition;

Due to the condition of the backend part, significant security issues were identified during a quick code review.

saffron cooks

More interfaces

saffron cooks

Our work

A reliable business model created by us has become part of the solutions for the application and was provided by us as a fundamental answer. We found that the target ads should be launched during the daily break time in Sweden (from 11:30 a.m. till 1:30 p.m.). These ads must offer a discount voucher valid during a lunch break!

As part of technical solutions, it was important to fix code issues and eliminate vulnerabilities in the security system. This way, we closed all the vulnerable parts of the code, potentially leading to SQL Injections, Data Breach, and even Identity Theft.

To top it off, we restructured the frontend design, and the way it runs on React, which allowed for a faster loading time. Also, we decided to create a one-page solution for the website with the help of integrated Braintree’s API.

In addition, the function was integrated to send out email and SMS notifications to unregistered users. This boosted the number of customers, as they obtained the opportunity to receive gift cards from other users.

What made the business succeed

After we’ve implemented the core features, the client began an active advertising and marketing campaign for their product across Stockholm.

Saffron Cooks has grown into a well-known service in Sweden with thousands of happy customers across the country. It inspired our client to bring other unique projects into life, with Saffron Cooks being a very user-friendly digital product.

As soon as the first product iteration was successfully released, it didn’t take more than a month for the app to gain 5,000 new clients. Such numbers mean about 35% of growth. The food order time was reduced by half while the number of abandoned orders decreased by 40%.


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