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Sortly is the #1 inventory app for the iOS platform that enables you to visually track all your possessions.

The Tech Stack:

Ruby on rails






Web, iOS




2 years

About the project

We helped the client to create an application, enabling users to categorize and keep track of all items in their possession with a few clicks and a clean UI. With its help, people can manage almost any kind of activity – from movings to art installations.

Among other solutions, the project provides the following:

Developing a web platform to gain greater marketing advantage among other inventory competitors;

Visual and functional representation of a web platform;

Creating a single page application;

Implement a designing style.

Challenges to overcome

Initially, Sortly was divided into 2 separate applications. Both of them have served two different types of customers. However, when the client’s business grew, the targeted audience increased in numbers.

When these changes took place, stable architecture and dynamic requests remained on the “to-do” list. Thus, we decided to merge two apps into one.

Many customers were constantly suggesting and supporting the app core functionalities. They were regularly proposing new features and ideas to be added into the app. Our team took noticed, and decided to form a proper customer experience team and structure the process of producing features from the box of suggestions.

sortly ios removebg preview development

More interfaces


Our work

Having considered several possible options for conducting work on the project, we completely changed the backend structure and switched to a completely new data model that allowed us to easily scale the product.

After aligning the development process with our business interests, preparing plans for the development team and agreeing with the customer we drastically improved our dev team release managers who develop the tech leads.

Also, we added a refined onboarding plan for any developer who is going to be integrated into our Sortly team. It is performed quite simply and smoothly.​

JetRuby engineers became a core part of Sortly and collaborated in the development process of the World’s #1 inventory app. Sortly is trusted by the majority of small businesses and teams at large enterprises.

Business results

Now “Sortly” is considered to be a well-known and practical one-page inventory management web platform that is still actively progressing in its current development.

Since its initial launch, the app gained more than 5,000 positive reviews on the AppStore, with over 300,000 installations worldwide!

According to Forbes, Sortly captured a position in the list of the best home inventory apps.

It is widely being used across the whole globe and actively finds its application in various enterprise companies. The list contains: HP, Sanford Health, Yale, Pepsico, Lyft and many more!


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