Pricing Model for Small and Medium Businesses

Start a new project or boost an existing one and get a fully transparent price. The costs for SMB projects depend on lots of factors, and you can see exactly what you're paying for.

our payment model

Pay only for what your project needs at the right moment to deliver on time

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From $10,000 USD

Start in 1 week

project scope

First, help us understand your project scope

A new niche product for your self-funded business

Extend existing services to new platforms and mobile apps

Work out UI/UX for your niche products

An e-commerce platform

Implement highload sustainability and big data management


Team configuration and flat rates

Start a new project with a flat fee and an ideal team configuration. Predictable, clear and easy to understand.
There are a few team configurations that we usually assign to new projects. You can choose the one that suits your task the best.


Senior Dev

4 Devs

2 PMs

Senior PM

4 QAs

Senior QA

Team lead

First week from

$ 6000

Regular week

$ 20000

Quick Boost

Senior Dev



Senior PM


Senior QA

Team lead

First week from

$ 4000

Regular week

$ 10000

Minimal Boost

Senior Dev

Senior PM

Senior QA

Team lead

First week from

$ 2000

Regular week

$ 6000

We’ll estimate the requirements and pick the most suitable team configuration during the first week and provide you with a fixed rate. The team configuration can be changed at your request anytime in the future.

rate cards

Rate cards with more flexible teams

If you need a more detailed payment policy, ask for a rate card for your project. You'll see rates per specialist, time breakdown and other details.


Make the first downpayment with a 30% discount to start a project


Pay afterwards according to the rate card

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tild3666 3763 4336 b531 353033646430 group 192 development

We’ll provide a detailed rate within one week after receiving your request.

Struggling to decide between flat rate and fixed card?

and your project will get the most suitable payment plan in no time.


Full-stack services for Enterprises

Every project may include up to 8 services for which we have dedicated, highly experienced people:

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Market research

tild3265 3064 4461 b931 643635383730 group 198 development

System architecture

tild6230 6361 4439 b263 306664356266 group 197 development

Interfaces and user experience (UX/UI)

tild3366 3039 4664 a230 326232343062 group 199 development

Business analysis

tild3062 6633 4533 a365 333933633662 group 200 development

Software Development

tild6265 3637 4531 a337 623531646339 group 203 development

Quality Assurance (QA)

tild3666 6437 4136 b639 323661346166 group 201 development


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How we estimate SMB projects

A successful project start and good management in its early stages is 80% of overall success.

Project starts in 1 week and involves these team members:

Account Manager

FREE from day one

CTO/Technical Lead

Joins the second week

Customer Advocate

FREE from day one

Technical team

Joins the second week, grows according to the workload

Project Manager

From day one

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Got a technical challenge?

to describe your tasks and talk about possible approaches to solving them.


Payment within US and EU

Jetruby supports direct bank ACH payments. Our headquarters company is located in the United States, so US customers can pay within the country.

There are a number of payment options, including electronic checks, wire transfer, etc. We also favor EU & UK customers with SEPA payments.

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how we work

Custom onboarding process

We develop a

for each project

We develop a custom pipeline for each project

The gradual growth of the team and expenses is more efficient than starting with a fully staffed team that doesn’t work to its highest potential on any given day.

Discussing the details
Adding account manager and project manager
Adding 1 senior developer
Adding 4 developers
Adding testers
Adding devops
Returning testers and devops
Final project

key managers

Therefore, every project is assigned with the following key managers before talking prices:

Customer Success Advocate

US/UK-based. Clearly understands the context of your task and represents your interests within our team. This key manager is on us.

Account Manager

Will manage all stages of the project. We provide this manager for free for all SMB projects.


Helps determine your needs and plans out the technical team’s involvement.

get a request

Work even in an undefined environment

We regularly get requests from SMB customers to start a project with some undefined parameters, for example, with no market research. We offer a business analyst to help us build a firm foundation from which we'll start the project successfully, given certain goals.


Communicate with the team directly

Every team member is focused on delivering the product, but a brief Slack chat won't do any harm. You can contact the developers directly without a middle man if you need to clarify some details regarding the current task. A project manager will create a new urgent task if needed.

The team is fully transparent as if it were next door to you. Our research shows that direct communication with customers gives a human touch to the projects we're building together.

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custom pipeline

Zoom into the process

Starting a new project with all the paperwork may seem like moving a mountain. Not so with our business processes, which we put on rails.

213 development

Sign NDA

Optional. If you want your project to be top secret, just add 5% to the final cost and all your ideas will stay securely protected.

2 development

Perform code review

If you already have a codebase, we'll do a code review to evaluate costs and assign specific specialists to the team.

3 development

Define tasks

Business and technical tasks should be carefully determined and formalized to avoid misunderstanding and additional expenses later.

32 development

Estimate tasks

Well-determined tasks can be easily estimated and we normally provide a clear estimate within the first week after the initial contact.

5 development

Get your feedback

It's important to stay on the same wavelength with you. Every little detail matters a lot to us.

6 development

Send project proposal

Boring paperwork should be done anyway. The beginning is the right time to clearly describe what jobs will be performed and when, as well as to agree on all the terms.

7 development

Send project proposal

Both sides sign Measurement System Analysis papers and a plan for the nearest sprints.

8 development

Get a downpayment

After we receive the first payment, we start assigning people to the project and proceed to work in 10 working days.

9 development

Assign a team

Most of the time, this step doesn't happen immediately, especially if the project is long-term, so we assign people on-demand as the project grows.

10 development

Project start

After the project has been started, we do our best to build a smooth and transparent work process. It will be clear to our clients to avoid any misunderstandings.

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