Creating an awesome tourist website for a one-woman tour guide!

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Breanna Wilson Freelance Travel and Adventure Writer

The client

Another project worth mentioning is the "BWTours" project that came into our hands quite unexpectedly. Through the cold winter of Mongolia, we were contacted by our client, Brianna. Who had one of her tour travels in Mongolia. We were utterly shocked, but we warmly welcomed her and asked her about the business idea that she wanted to implement.

The concept of her business project was utterly simple and easy to understand. The client wanted to construct an E-Commerce website. Her platform for advertising and selling her custom tour packages all around the world. However, it was a slightly different tour guide, unlike the usual ones where they tell you all boring stuff while you stay still.

This one included some of the energetic and exciting adventures where no usual guides will go. Her focus was set on the exploration factor. She explained that her business model would be working on tour guiding fees along with the gear commissions. Since the latter one was mandatory for traveling in dense and unexplored places. Especially, if it is the Sahara desert or a mountain Everest. That's how far our client would go!

When we heard all of that, we immediately proposed to her an offer during the Product Development Strategy Session and were ready to turn this project on!

Fast Facts

About JetRuby Integration


  • No booking or reservation platform, since the client didn't even know how one works.

  • Complicated way to attract clients.

  • Tour Guiding was only a hobby.

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  • A simple Tilda platform, which attracts more than 10,000 new users across the USA annually. And now, the client knows how to properly manage her platform.

  • The platform attracts and generates more clients each month by 5%.

  • Tour Guiding has become not only a passion but a dream job that has come true.

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Any digital product that your startup or company wants to build requires an understanding of how exactly the product development process is organized. You can try and do it your way. The way you think will suit the best for your startup. Unfortunately, however, nearly 70% of all young entrepreneurs who think like that and have no technical knowledge, end up failing their project completely. Or they try to launch and promote it with various tools and tactics, but no one really cares about it, and eventually, they fail.

So how exactly can you avoid this scenario and still come out of this tangled scenario as a winner? JetRuby knows the answer, which is hidden in one of the services we prepared for you and that is the Product Development Strategy Session. This is a free business consultation where our experts will analyze your project, look for its potential, and discuss with you how you can advance further on with your current state. All of that absolutely for free. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free call with our experts and we will be able to help and assist your startup project right now!

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A foreword about our client

Ms. Brianna is a client coming directly from the USA. She is a very active Forbes contributor on various topics. And just so it happens that the most attractive boards that she looks up to are traveling. Almost all of her life she has traveled throughout the entire world. Alaska, Egypt, New Zealand, Russia, or even Antarctica you name it and she has already been there!

And just as she has been almost everywhere she wanted to push her passion and hobby to the next level. She thought of an online platform where she could share the same feelings she felt during her travel. And also show some of the hidden places that no one has no one heard or seen. That's how she ventured into her idea and started to actively plan out how she would implement it.


The Requirements

At first, we understood that what the client wanted was a very rapid and fast development of her E-commerce platform. And to do that and be confident in all of the product development steps, we took an initiative to try and offer her a Design and Discovery Phase. That way not only we will understand how we can assist her, but she could also guide us to her desired solution.

Since the client required an E-Commerce platform

for advertising her services and products, it required a booking platform. However, the reservation dates were custom specified by the client herself. This was because she was the one who would schedule travel.

Additionally, the client expressly indicated that she needed an excellent and thorough description of her services along with the travel gear visualization that everyone should have before the departure. Thus, we needed to include our content managers, who would be delighted to be a part of this commercial project.

Her budget was a small one (around 20,000$), and the client has passionately asked us to develop a platform for the needs previously mentioned. Thus, a considerate offer proposal has to be produced and presented from our side too. Not only due to the budget constraints but also to suit and construct the best outcome possible.

Completely custom platform

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- - - - - - -

It should be worth mentioning that Jessie wanted a completely custom platform since she was presenting herself as a brand image. She already had some design sketches on her hands, and she was the one who represented her entire website. Therefore, she required assistance here too.

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The Development Process

Design and Discovery Phase

Once our team received a list of all requirements, we took the initiative and asked to go through the Design and Discovery Phase. We knew how her idea would develop, but at the same time, we needed to correctly estimate her project, the allocated budget, and the put timeline. After hearing how important and essential this step in her project was, she agreed with us.

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At first

our client provided every detail she wanted to see in the app, described how the app should look like, and asked to make a detailed description of her services. The last point was made for the customers to understand that her services were not a typical tour guiding. And that's where the Design and Discovery Phase has started.

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During it

we involved our client in this active development process, where little by little, we started to build her app ground. We laid the foundation with understanding and correcting her business model. We've made a first visualization of the app, which the client liked. And finally, we began to finish up the construction by drawing the entire picture of her future app. That was the budget and the development path plan.

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we produced a set of essential documents and prototypes during the phase, which significantly impacted the final product launch plan. The results consisted of but were not limited to the Business Canvas Model, UI/UX dynamic prototype, and her E-Commerce platform.

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We knew

that we were not a singular agency that was fighting for our client. However, things took quite a peculiar and unexpected turn. You see, by the time we have produced the list of the essential requirements, we have analyzed them and compared them with the capabilities our JetRuby team can do. As a result, we have decided that our option was not inferior in performance, stability, ease of maintenance. And so we presented the final solution to our client with the Tilda CMS. That could perform all of the necessary tasks and complete them without trouble.

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Now only we won the trust of our client

by offering a much simpler, cheaper, effective and faster solution than any other company could provide. But because we were able to change the development direction 360, successfully analyzed our client's business fast, combined our capabilities with the results, and pivot her idea into a much more optimal solution. She was delighted and happy to hear it.

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MVP Development

After we produce a project plan and set the estimate deadlines, we initiated the MVP stage. Here deployed the Tilda platform and configured her as an E-Commerce project, adding various entities and services inside its system. Meanwhile, our design team has already finished up preparing the UI elements for the website and has integrated them on the website.

The booking platform was mostly managed by the Tilda CMS and had many various tour places where one can reserve their trip. For example, one could book a memorable trip down to the Sahara Desert or go through the restricted area of Chernobyl. The dates were not specified, but instead, a customer could choose a month when he wants to travel. And later on, our client will contact him or her individually to decided a concrete date of departure.

Also, we have made sure that the landing page of her new E-commerce site would directly reflect her brand image. Now the customers will be able to understand who they are going to contact.

Within just a month of constant and dynamic development of Tilda's E-Commerce website, we created a digital product she desired all along. Also, as per her request, our content team wrote extensive and advertising content, along with the quality description of her services and the adventure gear. She was happily using the E-commerce platform, while we gave her various instructions on how things are working in the system.

The booking engine, the clear description of her products, the vibrant style of her platform all fo that was attractive and the client was utterly enjoying her new business tool. During the next three months, she spends the remaining budget on marketing and advertising her platform. Since then she gained.

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Business Results

When we had finished the platform, the client had gracefully thanked us, as she didn't expect that we could manage such a quick and inexpensive solution right to her hands. The platform is actively gaining more and more road trips practically every quarter. Within the first month of a tight development process, when we finished her product, the client had already gained her first 4,000 active users.

Right now, our client took a small pause on her platform and slowly awaits when the global pandemic will be brought to a halt. In the meantime, she plans some other interesting and valuable ideas, which she shares with us. We were glad to cooperate with her and await the time when we will be able to nail another impactful project of her own.

As a digital product development agency, such as ourselves, we respect every client's requirement while assisting with his business idea. At the same time, we provide various tools and specialists that genuinely know how your business model works and how the app should look like. If you have a deep desire of developing and implementing your product today but are struggling with the IT product development processes, then JetRuby can assist you with that. For the past 10 years, all of our successful startups have passed a Product Development Strategy Session. Where we analyzed their idea, adjusted their vision, and showed how their app should look like. If you got interested, contact us today, leave a short message about your project and we'll get back to you shortly!

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