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Here, at JetRuby Agency, we provide high-quality project management services to produce consistent results, reduce costs, improve process efficiency, and deliver customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of outsourced IT project management
We set goals for ourselves to meet your business' goals through open communication and strategic expertise. For more than 10 years we have been implementing complicated projects for large corporations and small startups and have perfect knowledge about the process along the way. Our project manager's strategy is focused on business goals and achieving high-quality results.
Always in-touch
We take into account the time zone differences and adapt our working schedule according to your needs. Our project managers are always in touch ready to provide you with the reports and any relevant information for your project.
Stable delivery
By starting the development process, including backend, frontend, and qa simultaneously, we save both time and costs. The development process goes flawlessly, the releases are released according to the schedule and gets a high-quality product within the fixed deadlines.
Risk prevention
For a long-standing practice, we've worked with various types of projects and saw various mistakes that could be done. As time passed, we formed a habit of foreseeing and preventing them.
User-friendly reporting
We are strong fans of transparency. That is why we build communication in a way to present the actual state of the project in the most convenient way from text reports to live demos.
Project manager
Account manager
Business analyst
SEO specialist
QA specialist
Methodologies we use
We don't base our project management services on a particular methodology. We adapt the methodology according to the project peculiarities, your business needs and what workflow you're more comfortable with.
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