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50% of buyers search for real estate online.
A business with a solid online presence has access to a huge market. But what is even more important, web or mobile platform built for your real estate business can improve customer experience and significantly boost your sales.

Our real estate app development company has the knowledge and experience needed to turn your vision into a profitable platform.
There are so many technologies, solutions, and possible features that businesses can easily get lost on their way to decide what fits them best. We know exactly what makes a real estate application great and we'll help you create your product vision or enhance the opportunities of your existing app.
App Design
Design plays a huge role in terms of how customers perceive your product and services. We are dedicated to creating beautiful products that people enjoy using. Using the best techniques, we will create outstanding UX and UI design for your application.
App creation
Our engineering team has been developing fast and reliable applications since 2010. We only use the most fitting, trusted and innovative technologies to build exceptional real estate applications. The quality of our products is always top-level regardless of the complexity.
App Support
With your business growth and new goals over time, your real estate platforms should keep up. Whether it's troubleshooting, performance optimization or regular upgrades you can count on JetRuby Agency as your trusted real estate mobile app development company.
How much does it cost to create an app for your business?
It's difficult to give the exact real estate app development cost as it depends on numerous factors. You can contact us and we'll provide you with accurate cost estimates based on your requirements. We've already helped many real estate companies to solve their business challenges by building modern and reliable digital solutions.
sparksfly1 ios app
We've built the scalable platform for selling portions of real estate in the Moscow region (it is planned to broaden the audience on a country scale in the long run). Special attention is devoted to the filter-map of real estate objects with intellectual recognition of the nearest landmarks (metro stations, highways).
sparksfly1 ios app
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Fractional property ownership platform
sparksfly1 ios app
One of our projects is a website that belongs to one of the biggest and most successful agencies in Australia. We've carried out the full code refactoring and implemented new features and crucial improvements. As a result, the website is now easy to maintain, user-friendly and able to provide a higher ROI.
Property buying agency website
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sparksfly1 ios app
We created a high-performance website with a full set of features and an easy to use and visually pleasing back-office panel. The application was built to provide users with an opportunity to easily find real estate in Malta with ease through a scalable map that allows for using powerful searching filters on the website.
sparksfly1 ios app
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High-performing real estate app
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