Ultimate 9 startup leader habits you should pick up today!

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Successful leaders do not achieve their positions by chance, but by being deliberate in their everyday actions. They understand that it is their leader habits that determine who they are and how successful they can become. If you want to replicate the most successful leaders, the most effective strategy is to embrace and regularly follow their behaviors. Therefore, the following are some of the most common leader habits of highly successful and effective leaders, along with a detailed description of certain patterns and results.

9 Leader Habits that you should acquire

Startup Leader Habits
9 Core Startup Leader Habits

Make fearful decisions

Fear. Let’s face it, what we are familiar with is nearly always preferable to the unknown, as it provides a sense of security. When we are content with the current quo, even if it is boring or painful, things are predictable.

However, excellent leaders make it a habit to upend the established order. They understand that progress and significant change can only occur through taking risks, being courageous, and trying something new. Personal and creative development cannot occur amid comfort. The majority of us remain in our comfort zones out of fear of change. What if the relationship does not work out? What if you discover too late that you would have been better off staying put? These unknowns have the power to keep you so paralyzed by fear of change that you stay where you are unsatisfied. Make it a habit to step out of your comfort zone and take some calculated risks. You may not win, but you will certainly learn something.

Take care of your health

Great leaders practice self-care on four levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. They understand that the general health of their physical body serves as the basis upon which all other excellent things might flourish. If you are not physically healthy, how can you expect the levels above the physical to be healthy (emotional, mental, and spiritual)? If you are ill at the base, the entire you will be unable to perform at the levels of peak performance you desire. As a result, make it a habit to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, get adequate sleep, and take your daily vitamins to assist in maintaining your attention, energy, and endurance throughout the day.


Nothing is more disruptive to a team than an inconsistent boss. I know because I had the good fortune to work for one for several years. What was considered to be of high quality one day would be derided as being of low quality the next. This instilled doubts in the team, which resulted in delays as teams sought perfection or drove them to pause and make errors. Great leaders strive to instill trust in their team’s talents, and one of the most effective ways to do so is through consistent behavior.

Daily Reading

A good leader understands the value of daily reading time. They understand that it maintains their sharpness, broadens their perspective, and boosts their knowledge. It makes little difference what you read—a journal devoted to your subject, a book on leadership theory, history, or biography, or even a well-written novel. The more knowledge you have and the more quickly you can acquire it, the more capable you become of leading others.

Do your work early on

There are numerous reasons why arriving early works, but it’s also a strategic decision for leaders who want to own their time and take control of their day before the rest of the company comes to life.

Take a few moments to review your calendar, refill your coffee mug, and arrange your workplace. It provides enormous psychological benefits. Additionally, it demonstrates to those you supervise that you take your leadership role seriously. This period in the morning enables you to check your emails and voice messages to stay current on employee events such as sick leave requests or family emergencies.

Certain managers utilize it to approve budget requests, authorize documentation, and examine staff surveys or comments. The time alone is distraction-free and ideal for doing quick, mundane activities. Making an early arrival a habit is one of the most effective methods to persuade others to do the same.

Learn something new every day

Good leaders are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to learn and make it a daily practice to pick up knowledge wherever they can. Purchasing the latest best-selling book or seeing a TED Talk are both popular and effective methods of increasing your knowledge bank. Interpersonal relationships, on the other hand, provide a broader range of options and consume no training and development expenditure.

To elicit wisdom and abilities from your team, it’s as simple as allowing each stakeholder at the table a few minutes to contribute. Alternatively, it can take the shape of mentorships, in which you seek to learn as much from your protégé as they do from you.

Listening to others, taking notes, and probing inquiries teach you empathy and emotional intelligence (EQ) skills (highly valuable traits for leaders). Making this a daily routine increases your exposure to new ideas that you may utilize to solve common problems and identify future leaders in your firm.

Produce a solution, not a problem

Blame is never the answer to an operational issue, a customer concern, or any other business issue. Blame is a diversionary approach that saps teams’ efficacy and efficiency. Effective leaders prioritize resolving issues first, then doing root-cause analyses to minimize the likelihood of the issue reoccurring. The majority of clients are not concerned about who is at fault; they simply want their issue resolved.

Determine your weaknesses, but focus on your strengths

Great leaders understand that they do not have to do everything and that they can delegate tasks to others or rely on team support in areas where they are weak. They understand that they were employed for their strengths and are committed to maximizing those strengths for the benefit of their organization. Additionally, they are secure enough to be vulnerable and disclose their flaws to receive help, rather than covering them up or attempting to conceal them.

Lay out your goals

Numerous leaders emphasize the importance of setting down goals and then rewriting them daily. Others argue that reading goals aloud once a day is sufficient. Developing the practice of keeping your goals in front of you is crucial for enhancing your potential to succeed.

The main concept here is to constantly renew your goals to ensure you’re on track to attaining them. Without such a practice, it’s all too simple to lose sight of your objective. Instead of taking control of your life, you discover that you are simply reacting to whatever happens next. When you make it a practice to concentrate on your objectives, you work toward and accomplish them more easily. Attaining goals in this manner feel great; it makes success pleasurable and inspires you to continue thriving.

In conclusion

All in all, leader habits are patterns of certain actions that are repeated regularly, and effective leadership is no exception. You cannot declare yourself an effective leader by attending a leadership seminar or managing a team of people. Consistency is critical for developing and displaying positive habits that become second nature. Therefore by developing your leader habits, you can safely place your company on the motivational and confident road. However, what if you are new to business thinking and you don’t know how to effectively use your capital to achieve the desired results? Especially if you are stuck in the middle of your product development process?

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