Application Deployment Part 7: User Engagement

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One of the most frequent failures with any deployment is a lack of focus on the people element. Just as it’s essential to involve the users in the user-interface and reporting processes, it’s essential to engage employees in the deployment.

Below is a link to an article that addresses in detail the elements necessary for success.  Here’s a quick summary of what’s essential in a deployment plan to overcome the common resistance to anything new.

  1. Create a sense of meaning. Help users understand the why—how will this platform help organizations. This is best communicated over time in quick messages rather than in lengthy training meetings.
  2. Make sure there is someone in charge with a clear deployment plan that includes qualitative and quantitative goals and have a support team well trained, confident, and able to train to the level of the standard trainee.
  3. Build the process into your current communications processes, be they e-newsletters, workplace technology, videos from the CEO, etc.
  4. Focus on how the technology will help employees by starting with the tasks most critical to the organization and therefore their jobs.
  5. Assessment and feedback. Provide opportunities for real-time feedback or questions related to the technology and respond and act appropriately.
  6. Make it fun. Hold contests or sweepstakes or friendly competitions when appropriate with tangible gifts commensurate to the accomplishment to express appreciation and create a buzz across the organization.
  7. Measure success based on the goals.

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