The Secret to Top-Notch Software Development: Our HR Management Platform

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Software development is knowledge-driven and labor-intensive, meaning our most valuable assets are our employees. We must hire and retain the best teams to deliver high-quality products and services cost-effectively. But that’s easier said than done. HR management platform is one of the groundbreaking solutions to these challenges.

Running an award-winning software development company with ISO 30414 (human capital management) and ISO 10018 (people engagement) accredited and serving multiple industries, from healthcare and agriculture to education, e-commerce, and more, is hardly a stroll in the park. In addition to adhering to strict standards, we must consistently attract and retain top-notch talents to deliver best-in-class services to our clients.

Most software development firms struggle with low employee loyalty — high staff turnover rates often cause inconsistent quality. When engineers depart from their positions, they take institutional knowledge, including insights into specific ideas and solutions. Companies must invest time and money into hiring and onboarding, passing those costs to their clients.

Meanwhile, many agencies have limited access to talent skilled in various technologies and methodologies. Everybody loses when they put engineers on projects that don’t match their experience and expertise. Employees become frustrated (which increases their turnover risks), the work takes longer, and the product quality is less predictable. 

What talent management techniques set Jetruby apart

Many engineers joined us as interns and grew into exceptional professionals. 80% of senior developers started from junior positions and advanced their career paths within the company, a rare occurrence in an industry where the average turnover rate is almost 60%.

So, what’s our secret sauce for building teams that deliver consistent and high-quality products to our clients? We prioritize employee loyalty and satisfaction, using a proprietary HR management platform to create an exceptional employee experience as an ISO-certified agency.

Let’s explore our team management philosophy and how our proprietary IT talent management platform allows us to boost IT retention, streamline development and delivery, and offer our clients the best services at reasonable costs.

Building a top-notch software development team means this:

  • Effective resource planningHR Management Platform 1

Effective resource planning is our top priority. Our HR management platform enables us to balance workloads to prevent burnout while satisfying client requirements. It allows us to ensure flexibility by adjusting employee workloads, redistributing tasks, and provisioning appropriate resources at the right time to meet client needs.

  • Optimized team staffing mechanism

We help clients achieve the perfect equilibrium among speed, quality, and cost by assembling the ideal team that balances skills and budget. Our approach ensures our clients pay for a meticulously selected mix of specialists based on each engineer’s skill level. Here’s how we achieve a balanced team composition:HR Management Platform-3

  1. We automatically review our developers’ list weekly, accounting for their skills and experience. This way, we can determine the right experts ready for upcoming client projects. The ERP system releases a weekly update with information on newly acquired skills, gathering this knowledge within the ERP HUB system. The resource pool in the skills database will also be updated. Our team lead sorts through those skills and assembles a team for a project.
  2. We select team members based on the project’s needs. For projects with aggressive timelines, we choose a team of experienced seniors. We mix mid-level and senior developers for projects that can benefit from long-term stability. Our experience and churn rate statistics demonstrate that these mixed teams are 34% better at staying together over a year than teams with only senior staff.
  3. We aim to staff a team in up to two weeks. Our historical data shows that we fulfill clients’ staffing requirements in less than five days in 92% of cases.
  4. Besides hard skills, we consider how well team members get along. During team selection, we aim to pair developers whose character traits complement each other; for instance, someone with a short temper is often better paired with a colleague who maintains a calmer demeanor. Since shifting our focus towards a data-driven analysis of soft skills and assembling teams to make them benefit from their combined strengths, we’ve cut unexpected project dropouts from 15% to 2%. 

That’s how the HR management platform allows us to achieve harmony between the skills grades of the involved engineers and clients’s production goals. 

  • Scaling up to meet demand

We’ve been a startup and have worked with over 100 startups — we know the drill. Change is the only constant in our industry, which often means scaling up or pivoting at the drop of a hat. For example, your product wins an investment round and needs a new set of functions pronto. Our HR management approach and technology enable us to scale up product teams quickly with qualified engineers to hit the ground running.

HR-Management-Platform 4

  • Retaining team members

Our intelligent HR system tailors a team for each client request, drawing from two pools: newly hired and existing developers. To increase new hire retention, the system sets up profiles for candidates who will most likely integrate seamlessly into our teams and remain committed over time. For our current staff, we strategically select projects to ensure reasonable workload distribution and keep employees engaged with compelling tasks. 

HR Management Platform 5

We provide our employees with opportunities that promote learning and growth, enhancing their job satisfaction. The system also delineates the qualifications for prospective hires, which directly benefits our clients. This approach ensures employees are both motivated and intrigued by their work.

In this setup, employees enjoy substantial growth in their technical skills, which boosts our overall retention rate.

How our HR management platform gives us a competitive edge

JetRuby has been a software development agency for over a decade. We’ve accumulated people management experience specific to the software industry and have a practical understanding of interactions between management and developers. Our approach works so well that the average engineer stays with our company for over four years, compared with the industry trend of 69% of engineers staying with their companies for less than two years.

We developed an HR management platform to help sustain our high retention rate and lower the attrition rate further as our company grows to over 300 programmers (with 29% as senior-level engineers). Our HR tech also tracks every individual’s work goals and sentiments, allowing us to proactively foster loyalty and address potential issues.

So, how does our proprietary software, HR HUB, support and enhance our talent management philosophy? 

Our HR HUB provides an ongoing, consistent feedback mechanism, enabling transparent one-to-one communication between managers and their teams, regardless of team structure or size. Meanwhile, executives can track and address negative trends to reduce attrition. This helps us augment employee experience, boost IT retention, and assign the right people to the right projects to deliver the best products and services.

HR HUB consists of two main components: HR HUB as a workplace for employees and HR HUB Core for people management.

HR HUB: An employee-first modern workplace

The HR HUB workplace module works similarly to social media, where employees can create profiles and post news and articles.

HR Management Platform 6

 It allows team members to track work tasks and hours while offering 24/7 access to educational and training materials. The library also contains presentations and meeting records for easy reference. 


Leadership and management can use HR HUB to communicate with employees and keep them informed to foster engagement. They can also get insights into what’s trending in the workforce by reviewing recent posts and mood updates. In particular, the Moodmap helps managers keep a finger on the pulse with frequent check-ins. For example, we can quickly address issues if a developer is experiencing burnout.

03 HR Management Platform img6 development

Team members may also include work skill tags in their profiles. Managers can use the search function to find the right resource with the appropriate experience and skill set to work on a specific tech stack. This capability allows us to quickly assemble or expand a team with the right people to respond to shifting client requirements.  

HR management platform 8

HR HUB Core: People management, simplified

The Core module enables supervisors, team leads, technical directors, division chiefs, and managers to track employees’ career growth, identify turnover risks, and assess the “bus factor.” The Heatmap feature leverages one-on-one meeting statistics to show employee development trends. It uses a traffic light system to indicate the risks of an employee leaving and is integrated with Slack to send channel notifications about trend changes.

03 HR Management Platform img10 development

Supervisors can request feedback from their subordinates at any time.

03 HR Management Platform img11 development

When they set up a one-on-one meeting, the system automatically loads all previously unaddressed input to ensure all concerns are discussed. Additionally, administrators can grant permissions based on the management tree to streamline data access. By utilizing JetRuby’s proprietary HR platform, you can save hundreds of hours and over 40% of your HR management budget annually.

HR Hub core

The Time Tracking table shows managers each employee’s time map for an overview of time spent on tasks and a summary of the team’s working hours. The insights can help leadership quickly identify inefficiencies or staffing issues to minimize their impact on client projects.

03 HR Management Platform img12 development

Modern HR management platform: a win-win-win scenario for our company, employees, and clients

Implementing HR HUB directly improved our retention rates. Our developers stayed in the company for an average of almost two years, a significant increase from two years and one month. 

With less turnover, hiring, and onboarding activities, we lower our operating, administrative, and overhead expenses. Teams work more efficiently while increased employee satisfaction boosts morale and productivity, significantly reducing development costs and allowing us to pass the savings on to our clients without compromising product quality.

Our systematic approach to talent management and proprietary platform help our clients transform the development process and confidently release high-quality MVPs and full-scale products, shortening the time to market, improving agility, and increasing cost efficiency.

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