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“So many choices and so little time! Which one should I choose?”. As intriguing as this quote may sound, various startup tech stacks and programming languages are chosen by a variety of criteria.

For example, did you know that Facebook manages its platform on a PHP server with the React scripts? Though there are others, far more functional stacks, they are staying at the roots of the LAMP tech stack.

It’s 2021 and various entrepreneurs are beginning to ask themselves: “What kind of startup tech stack will fit me?” To answer this question, JetRuby prepared an insight into the most trending tech stacks that are going to be a blast in 2021.

What is a Tech Stack and do I need to care about it?

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A tech stack or a solution stack is a mixture of various programming technologies used to launch a software platform or an app. A regular tech stack consists of the following 5 core aspects: front-end tool & backend technologies, programming language, a database, a framework, and infrastructure.

When you start your business or try to form a startup, the question regarding the choice of the right startup tech stack is important. Even though all tech stacks can give you the majority of your app requirements, some distinct from others. Some other not less important questions that may arise include the following:

  • What is the cost of developing a mobile app?
  • What is the cost of the app design?
  • How much time do I need to develop all of that?
  • What should I do after its initial launch?
  • What is the cost of the ownership?
  • How hard it is to add more app changes or revisions?

If you skip this step, it will impact the app processing from the customer’s side. That’s why to be attentive when you’ll have the opportunity to look for various options. To better understand what you can choose, the JetRuby team has prepared it all for you.

Which startup tech stack should I choose in 2021?

We’ve done the research and have put the puzzles to estimate a future vision for the 2021 year. Behold the results!

Ruby on Rails

RoR or Ruby on Rails is a neat framework that as you might guess helps various developers build websites and applications. The key aspect that defines Ruby on Rails is its convention over configuration processes. This means that you don’t need to spend your time configuring everything by your hands.

Ruby is kicking hard

RoR or Ruby on Rails is a neat framework that as you might guess helps various developers build websites and applications. The key aspect that defines Ruby on Rails is its convention over configuration processes. This means that you don’t need to spend your time configuring everything by your hands.

Ruby is kicking hard

Did we hear the echoes of the lost developers, who said that Ruby on Rails is dead and everyone should forget about it? Well, it’s quite the opposite, as we can assure you of that. Here are 5 reasons why that is not true!

  1. Time-Efficient Development Speed – The increased development speed comes from the fascinating number of available plugins. That allows developers to cut the unnecessary time to write default chunks of code. One of the Ruby on Rails researches proved that the vast majority of RoR apps are developed 30% to 40% faster.
  2. Scalability – If you developed an app for a fast MVP, Ruby on Rails can scale your product according to your business needs. If your users are increasing or your app is beginning to slowly evolve, there is a place for taking high traffic loads.
  3. Dynamic Community – Apart from all other stack communities out there, the RoR one is staying active by this day. It is open when it comes to development or asking any development questions.
  4. Variety of Tools – The extensive amount of tools discovered in packed dependencies is astonishing. What’s more interesting is that most of the tools can apply to different amounts of common issues.

What are the Ruby uses?

We saw that RoR has the guts to hold. But there is another question: “What kind of business fields does the RoR tech stack use?” Here are a few trending ones!

  1. MVP – Due to Ruby’s simplicity, the choice of startups falls on the MVP, due to fast and efficient development preparations. Here, you can update, upgrade, and test new functions to further advance and scale your initial version into a grown digital product.
  2. Social Media Apps – Ruby as a language itself is a reliable one, for connecting and managing heavy-traffic platforms, such as Twitter, for example. It’s no wonder that Airbnb is based on it. Since it is capable of taking huge data chunks of bookings or payment transactions from similar apps.
  3. E-Commerce Platforms – The E-Commerce market has grown and it’s no wonder that RoR has taken a huge leap in it. For example, Shopify is a good example that provides places for over 800k online stores. Ruby on Rails is a flexible and cost-effective solution for many developers seeking fast development and heavy traffic management.


Every developer has most likely at least tried once to implement some kind of app on the MEAN, MERN, or MEVN web stack. And it’s no wonder, all of them are popular since you don’t need to build the application right from the scratch. All of them have lots of various dependencies and approaches that allow you to achieve faster and streamlined results.

MEAN or MERN or MEVN stacks are similar since all of them are based on JavaScript frameworks. All of them include MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js. The distinct difference among all the three is the front-end technology that they use. It’s either Angular.js, React.js, or Vue.js. But what combines all the three ones?

  • First, all the tool are open-source
  • Second, all of them are fast-paced in web development processes.
  • And, third, they are multifunctional tech stacks that can implement web apps and mobile apps.

MERN/MEAN/MEVN Reasons to Use

  1. Short Loading Time – All the JavaScript frameworks out there are running their code on the client workstation. This means that there is no point in heavy and unnecessary use of the servers. Since not only it assists in replacing the need of the hoping server, but it shortens the loading time. Thanks to every JS framework for being asynchronous, as it communicates with its backend technologies without interrupting the current user engagement.
  2. Singular environment – All the described tools used to deliver the best application for your industry are based on JavaScript language. Thus, it is much easier to get around it and configure the given framework for your needs. And that’s where the efficiency of this language arises. As developers have to know only JavaScript and JSON.
  3. Easy to Learn – In terms of learning any JS-related framework all of them are easy to learn for new developers. Because the JS syntax is very flexible and simplifies the composition of the app code structure.
  4. Popularity – Currently, the MERN/MEAN/MEVN stacks are popular among lots of technical industries. This means that you can have a huge pool of various IT professionals that can understand your startup idea and find the right solution.

MERN/MEAN/MEVN Popular Usages

  1. Video Streaming Apps – One of the best examples where any of the given JS frameworks can show its true power is Netflix. A platform that uses a huge amount of tests that will build a rich experience for its user base. Another thing to note on the achievement list is that Netflix has achieved a 70% reduction in startup time.
  2. Payment Apps – Most online transactions should be fast and secure. That’s why lots of companies prefer to choose MERN/MEAN/MEVN stacks as their primary ones. PayPal is a good example for this case and it’s not a wonder. Since not only it resolved the milestones with their security but allowed them to merge the frontend and backend technologies. Shifting everything under the JS tech stack basis.
  3. Project Management Apps – Another not a famous one, but a solid and interactive project that you do with any given JS tech stack. Trello is one of those examples. Good use of Node.js as its primary backend technology made a single-page app to update and manage various updates in other companies or organizations.


Most of the old-school developers have started with this classic web stack that passed through years of constant enhancement. It is popular and considered to be one of the common web development stacks while being outsourced. Such CMS platforms as WordPress and Joomla are still using it since they provide concrete stability and simplicity. LAMP creates a new path for creating fast and new web apps.

LAMP Reasons to use

Even though the LAMP tech stack has been on the Internet for a long time, it is still being used to this day. Surprising, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at the reasons or benefits of why the LAMP is still dynamic.

  1. Flexible Scalability – The LAMP stack is easy to manage and operate. Along with that, it allows modifying your app according to your business requirements. Besides, the majority of the services (MariaDB, PHP, Linux, and Apache) are open-source and you don’t need any additional expenses from your budget.
  2. Linux Hosting – The majority of demonstrated tech stacks are hosting their apps on their backend technologies or other services. Meanwhile, the LAMP stack utilizes Linux servers for that. And not only you can change the settings, but make your hosting server much more secure.
  3. OS Independence – You can use whatever operating system you desire. Be it a Mac, Linux, Windows, or any other one, the LAMP stack is accessible across all platforms available.
  4. Mature Stack – LAMP stack is still being used by this day, for 23 years. Meaning that all of its components have developed into a stable stage where no unexpected bugs or errors may occur. That also means that there is a community that ultimately supports and assists every early developer.

LAMP Popular Usages

  1. Social Media Apps – As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, Facebook started and is still utilized by the LAMP stack. Mark Zuckerberg is constantly updating it with various tools and features but keeps the same stack nonetheless.
  2. Social Messaging Apps – Have you heard anyone say that they are using the chatting app and based on PHP? Well, maybe you never knew this one, but the LAMP stack was used to build a Slack app. Yes, the one specifically created for various organizations and corporations. The creator explained that even though PHP has flaws, the LAMP stack shows its best when it comes to developing large scale apps.

A friendly word from our CTO

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Lots of people have different views upon every startup tech stack available to them and each has their own opinion on that. For that reason, we approached our own CTO and asked him a couple of questions that might significantly interest you. Take a look at the results!

– Suppose the client that wants to partner with us and develop a product of his own, doesn’t have any experience in a technical field. How can we help him choose the right tech stack for a startup of his own?

– It rarely happens when a client with no technical knowledge or experience comes to our team. Since most of the time, the client will already know what exactly he wants to accomplish. However, there were certain scenarios where such a thing happened.

Depending on the provided list of requirements we try to find something both suitable and considerable for the client’s idea. We also take a look at his business idea and the goal that he wants to achieve.

Suppose a client comes to us, and we see that he has very little knowledge regarding the backend technologies or any tech stack. Then we would recommend him to go through the Design and Discovery Phase. Within it, he will pick the right tech stack suited for his project, and put on the right track of his business path.

Right now, we simplify this process even more since we provide a so-called Product Development Strategy Session. It’s completely free. We adjust the client’s vision of his app development path and produce a ballpark estimate for his project plan. So, we highly advise everyone to go and try it out. It won’t hurt nor you or your business, since it is free.

– What do you think, what is the best startup tech stack as of right now and will it be popular in 2021?

Hey, that question is illegal! You can’t ask a Ruby developer, like me what is the best startup tech stack in my opinion. The answer is obvious!

But let’s put that aside first and discuss it in detail. If you look retrospectively at the popularity state during the past 10 years, I can say that RoR has never been so demanding.

However, as of right now the most trending and popular tech stacks are the Node applications and SPA (Single-Page Application). Meaning that both frontend and backend technologies are occupied by JavaScript tools: Node.js and React/Vue.JS/Angular. Since right now the market is flooding with JavaScript Development works.

At a time when RoR started to take its popularity place till it achieved its highest peak by this day. Now it is stability holding a stable, trending development path. JavaScript, on the other hand, has a bombastic and rapid increase in its popularity. By this day it is increasing day by day. But I think that they will stabilize sooner or later, just like it happened to RoR.

So, will the JavaScript stacks be popular at least during the next 5 years or so? Yep, definitely. However, will it be at this level of popularity? I can’t say that. I think it will probably diminish its infamous popularity and will become stabilized.

Ruby on Rails on the other hand will stay in the position that they are currently holding. They won’t get low nor spike higher. They will stay still in the same position.

Another stack worth mentioning here is the Phoenix and Elixir backend technologies. At one point in time, they spiked suddenly and out of nowhere. But as of right now, I can’t say anything definitive, as there was little to no news about them recently.

– What kind of recommendations can you give to the young entrepreneurs who have issues when selecting the right technologies for their startup?

Every businessman desires to invest less money, and gain more results. If you are from that type of person, then you should look for something that is extensively popular on the market. Thus, less expensive. For now, this is JavaScript, since the market has lots of JavaScript developers. Making it easy to start your development production.

If we’re talking about a proof of concept that should be tested on the market, then you should go on with Ruby on Rails. And your solution will be finished rapidly. Compared to JavaScript front and backend technologies it takes time and energy to finish up a project.

And the vast majority of startups don’t survive up to the time when they can develop something of their own. For that, I would suggest going through the Design and Discovery Phase, to enhance your product development path and prepare yourself for the MVP. There you can test your theories, make prototypes and unveil your product value. Go ahead, leave your inquiry and we’ll assist your project from start to finish.

– Can you name 3 reasons, why do you think Ruby on Rails is still popular by this day?

Well, we have to go deeper into the Ruby on Rails tech stack and try to understand it.

First, Ruby on Rails was created at the dawn of times when no solid release of any stack has been created. It was 2004 and most likely you’ll be using basic frontend PHP, while all the cool stuff was done by Google. Meanwhile, JavaScript was used for animations.

Since those times, lots of things have changed in requirement terms of apps. Now, most companies concentrate on the interaction between the user and the app. And Ruby on Rails has walked alongside with all the relevant changes. For example, as JavaScript was rising its popularity, Ruby on Rails was focusing on various integration for JavaScript within its development processes. The stack stayed actual at all times.

Second, they are much faster during the development process. Most Ruby on Rails packages come with prescribed solutions for all default development scenarios. The libraries are bug-free and are supported by the Ruby community. Compared to JavaScript, the latter one has lots of dependencies scattered across the Internet and may be outdated.

Third, I think the most iconic one. JetRuby has a huge amount of various and successful projects on the Ruby on Rails stack. It’s a good startup tech stack to get your project with and a solid tool for rapid, stable, and scalable digital solutions. We welcome every entrepreneur or businessman who tries to implement his or her idea. Hit us up and let’s discuss how we can assist you!

Final Conclusion

As you saw different technologies, even though can apply to every industry, are better to be used in some specific industry fields. We suggest you be careful whenever the question arises regarding the startup tech stack you have to choose for your next application. Changing some core programming languages in various stacks that are available may have consequences when you’ll be growing your business.

You might have guessed what kind of stack JetRuby uses in most of the projects that we have done. Some people might say different things about the “Ruby on Rails” stack. We assure you, that during the 10 years of mastering and creating various applications, our team is one of the best ones out there. What kind of idea do you have? Is it the next healthcare creative app or an E-commerce platform for traveling services? Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll launch your project with no excessive expenses and a strict time frame!

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