Software Testing Approaches
Four Software Testing Approaches Used to Ensure Product Quality
Abstract: This article continues our series about the role of testing in software development and software testing approaches. It elucidates the automated approaches, load testing, and documentation testing.  Testing plays a crucial role in creating outstanding digital products. The lack of proper testing can nullify the tremendous effort invested in planning, developing, and releasing a digital product. Such failures have become well-known: it’s enough to recall false missile alerts or cancellation of flights due to computer system glitches. This review will provide experience-proven tips on digital product quality testing.  Documentation…
User Testing: Top 6 Practices for Involving Users in Product Development
User testing and quality assurance in total plays a vital role in ensuring that products meet the highest performance, functionality, and user satisfaction standards. Traditionally, quality assurance has been an internal process conducted by dedicated teams within organizations. However, businesses now recognize the significant value of involving product users in the quality assurance phase. In this article, we will demonstrate the benefits of involving user products in its development by introducing one of our projects.  The Role of Users in Quality Assurance Quality assurance (QA) traditionally ensures that products meet…
QA. How to manage product & project risks effectively
In the context of Quality Assurance (QA), risk refers to the potential negative impact or uncertainty associated with the quality of a product or system. QA professionals assess and manage risks to ensure that the desired quality levels are achieved. The term “risk” refers to: an event that has not yet occurred; a possibility of an event occurring; an event that can be prevented; an event of a negative or positive nature; an event with consequences that can be minimized, maximized, or accepted. We can distinguish two groups of risks…
Quality Assurance
Try 2 Appoaches to Quality Assurance and Benefit Your Digital Product
This article is best to read before you launch your app, so its testing wouldn’t be overlooked. With errors being identified and fixed at the early stages of development with the help of quality assurance, you pave the way to building a sustainable and reliable app. Bugs and underperformance of digital products affect its reputation and scare potential customers off. After all, a good impression is necessary for brand trust. The good news is that proper quality assurance solves such problems and eradicates mistakes early on. What is adequate testing,…
Performance Testing with WebPageTest
The speed of web pages is essential for the user experience and SEO. One of the tools for testing the performance of web pages is WebPageTest. In this article, we will look at what WebPageTest is, how to use it to test the performance of web pages, and how to interpret the test results. What is WebPageTest WebPageTest is a tool for testing the performance of web pages. It allows you to measure the page loading time, data transfer speed, network usage, and browser resources and detect possible problems in…
Android Accessibility Testing
The JetRuby team cares about the users of our products. That’s why we pay close attention to the accessibility of our interfaces. This article is dedicated to the tools we use to ensure a comfortable user-experience when developing Android apps. Android Accessibility Scanner Google has developed a tool to make mobile application interfaces for Android OS more accessible to users with disabilities. It’s called Accessibility Scanner, and it scans the graphical user interface and displays a description of the accessibility issues found. It also gives recommendations for fixing them. For…
Load test
Use 9 Stages of Load Testing to Know Your App
The article explains the purposes and benefits of load testing. It also provides helpful tips for app owners and walks you through the main stages of the process. Some reasons why your web service or mobile application needs load testing: Losing your new business in seconds because of slow system response time is undesirable. Unfortunately, this outcome is natural in the highly competitive web services space. Imagine there is a newly launched pizza-ordering website. It’s been working without failures during regular business hours. Soon a pizza day comes — seemingly,…
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