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Right to Left design fundamentals
Creating an Impressive Right-to-Left Design
How we develop interfaces for Middle Eastern users Right to left design captures the focus of many creative agencies worldwide. The dynamic business landscape of the Middle East encourages us to closely monitor the preferences and habits of users in the region. First, that means making specific changes to the app design as writing and reading are done from right to left. Our agency follows the best UI/UX design practices that are good to remember during development.   The difference between LTR (left to right) and RTL (right to left) languages…
Accessibility in Design
According to the WHO, there are 1.3 billion people with disabilities worldwide. Knowing that we can assume that every 8th person on the planet suffers from a condition that affects their life in a way. When developing applications and websites, this information should be kept in mind.  There are different types of disabilities. Most common ones are: People with visual impairments This category includes blind people, people with limited vision, color blindness, astigmatism, and other visual pathologies. According to the World Health Organization, 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired:…
Two people working on a computer
“Business People Need to Understand Technology More Than Technologists Need to Understand Business…”
This is great advice from Joe McKendrick writing for Forbes. He tracks “how technology innovations move markets and careers.” He sees the need for a “hybrid business leader, who has advanced technology understanding, as well as strong business-building skills. They may come from technical ranks, but also may come from the business side, with a need to develop more advanced technology skills.” He quotes Thomas Erl, author of numerous business technology books, and CEO of Arcitura Education, which provides technology skills training to thousands of professionals across the globe: “Leaders…
Visual Marketing Ideas for your startup
Intro to Visual Marketing The visual marketing materials you utilize are the impression prospective customers have of your company. An affordable method to start is using free themes to produce every little thing from logos to leaflets to social media images. Developing the First Impression for Your New Are you starting a business? Building something from scratch can feel daunting. Your small business is like an ember, and if you want it to ignite, you need to fuel it with an effective marketing strategy. Even if you have a fantastic…
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