Don’t Assume You’re Not a Potential Victim of Cyberattacks

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A lot of smaller businesses believe they are below the radar screen of cyber attackers. This recent article by Kara Oosterhuis provides some good advice for farmers from David Masson, Director of Enterprise Security at Darktrace:

·      Divide the home and business Internet and segment any machinery connections.
·      Never use default passwords and always change password defaults immediately.
·      Other advice is to use passwords with up to 10 letters, numbers, and characters.
·      Regularly remind people to never let anyone open any attachment or click to any link that is not verified.
·      Watch out for requests for you to fill out a form for a proposal or service from people whose names may seem familiar.
·      Ignore any unsolicited communications from so-called government agencies, as they will not contact you via email.

We at JetRuby Agency look for every way possible to protect your applications and train your staff on how to avoid intruders.

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