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How Analyst’s Expertise Adds Value to Requirements Analysis and a Product

How Analyst’s Expertise Adds Value to Requirements Analysis and a Product
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Many business owners believe they have a clear vision of their future projects. However, an in-depth description of what it takes to implement their ideas often puts this vision under question. Real-life analysis shows that things can work differently than you hoped them to. This story will answer why it is so. Most importantly, you’ll see how to avoid the pitfalls and match your product vision up to reality.

Why Domain-Based Analytical Expertise Goes Together with the Project Success

The domain is an industry of development specialization. For example, it can be financial technology, agricultural software development, transport and logistics, telecommunication, insurance, healthcare, e-commerce development, etc. Creating or improving a product that will work for a particular industry cannot rely on development experience alone. By gathering and eliciting domain-specific requirements, analysts help to create precise specifications for your project.

The role of a business analyst is to consult a customer from the perspective of domain specifics, or market. It’s important to align project goals with business needs prior to the start of development. That’s why this evaluation is a part of the discovery phase. Delving into your business needs, the analyst outlines the optimal solution for your application or platform. Their mission is to see the pitfalls and interconnections that aren’t obvious at the first glance.

Whether you have a startup or an established business, your business ideas must be validated before you start investing your time, money, and energy into the development process.

JetRuby's insight on business analysis
JetRuby’s insight on business analysis

Why Should We Elicit Business Requirements?

A short answer to the question in the title is to make the final product viable and keep it up to the stakeholders’ expectations. However, sometimes these expectations are vague and understanding of the market is yet to be improved. The major benefits of eliciting requirements could be summarized below:

1) Eliminating confusion at the development stage

Once the team has a clearly established workflow defined by business needs, you save time that would be otherwise spent scheduling and conducting meetups.

2) Defining timeline and budget

Only by having all requirements elicited and gathered, the team can build more precise time and budget estimations.

3) Clarifying hidden requirements

Stakeholders often have some expectations that seem to be obvious, but this perspective can be elusive from the technological viewpoint. This clarification, therefore, allows for avoiding the situation when assumed requirements aren’t met.

4) The most relevant features will come first and start bringing income

When business needs have the top priority, the team focuses on the most efficient functionality. The rest features are being developed as far as it is reasonably practicable.

5) Keep things under control as a customer

Well-developed business requirements and a transparent schedule of the workflow let customers keep the development process under control.

To sum it up, a carefully mapped and documented set of requirements is a critical contribution to the product’s success. With the help of skilled Business Analysis, developers obtain clear guidelines and specifications, delivering the features that are able to drive up the product’s business value.

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