Business to start with 30k: A Brief Outlook

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Starting a new business or opening your first one, can and will be not easy unless you have already acquired the necessary skills and expertise to do so. This is especially true when it comes to the limited budget on your own hands. Since every entrepreneur out there will constantly question one problem:” What business to start with 30k?”

The answer to that question highly depends on the type of business you want to run and the capabilities that you are currently holding. Since both of these factors are tied directly to your budget plan. Even though you could do it by yourself… But then again, it’s just not worth the time and your competitors will already cover the market segment you are targeting for.

So to give an insight what are your opportunities and what business to start with 30k you can, JetRuby prepared this article. So sit back, relax and let’s get all of your questions answered, while we will review each industry domain where you can start a business with 30k.

Businesses to start with 30k

E-Commerce Online shop

E-Commerce Online Shop
E-Commerce Online Shop

The very first thing on our list is the E-commerce Online Shop. There is no doubt that pretty much any platform which has large products in it, whether they are handmade or retails will always find their place online. And it’s a good place where you can actually start and grow your business further. Maybe it’s not a grand idea or it is still waiting for the market to pay attention to it, but it is a stable one that falls under the criteria of a ”business to start with 30k”.

As we have already mentioned, it could be pretty much anything, starting from your homemade crafting to the traveling guide. As an example, JetRuby had a client who had a very similar dream of her own as a traveling guide. She is a very experienced and energetic person who has traveled all around the world. And during her adventures, she understood that she wanted to make her own business out of it.

After she contacted JetRuby, we hastily started analyzing and researching her idea, since we saw the potential value and uniqueness out of it. During these preparation iterations, we have identified a stable and flexible opportunity that unveiled her full product potential. Want to know what it was? Follow the full story here!

Food Delivery Application

Business to Start With 20k - Food Delivery App
Saffron Cooks – Illustrations

Pretty much every young entrepreneur has already thought about going for a food delivery app. And it’s no wonder due to its simplicity and short development time. For example, one of our clients from Stockholm has created his own food delivery/restaurant app and the results were pretty amazing. Including the fact that he was wondering how he can start a business with 30k in his pocket. The results you can read in this article.

You might have a great chance when you first start with home-based food delivery. Since it will honestly require you less capital investment, rather than opening your own business from the start. Once you have that, the business will keep going and you’ll be kicking a revenue wheel and the monetization system will work, then you can easily start investing more money into it.

Take note that before all of that will work, you need to invest in your kitchen to achieve splendid results. Plus, it might be somewhat complicated to drive your food around your local area, depending on your city infrastructure. It highly depends on what you want to make and how many people you intend to serve. And always think about the safety and have a licensed electrician upgrade for your wiring to keep up with your needs. So in overall, there are various things that you need to consider before you plunder into the development works.

Cleaning online Business

Less favorite and more practical business unit that can be easily missed is the cleaning business that can easily be considered as “a business to start with 30k”. Perhaps you didn’t expect that, but it is truly an accessible and flexible business that you can start on. Especially for those who want to have a passive part-time business and for those who want to grow it. Most people think that it is not that scalable, but the thing is you never expect with whom you can collaborate. For example, it could be hotels, motels, private properties, offices, etc. So it is truly possible to make a cleaning business large.

You can start gradually and slowly build it from scratch. Most of the time you don’t even need an office, since all you need is the employees, equipment, and transportation. That’s how little you need to have before launching your platform or mobile app.

Furthermore, the rates can depend on your competitors only. And most of the time, you’ll be using either a subscription technique or per-hour charging. The service advertisement can be done by giving out cards in stores, or creating a social media presence is enough for starters. Outsourcing is recommended if your budget allows for this. In general, the marketing costs are cheaper on average compared to any other business marketing.

Overall, the real estate market can be sometimes much easier than you might think, even if it might look like there are a lot of complications.

Real Estate

Online Real Estate App
Online Real Estate App

Real estate investing can be lucrative so long as the math works in your favor. If you want to start a real estate mobile app or a platform, first search for properties that require less work. Make sure that you understand that a real estate business is a long-term one that requires a lot of time and patience. Also keep on the lookout for new buildings or constructions in your local neighborhoods, as it could mean a steady income over time.

The goal of real estate investing is to put your capital to work today. With time it will generate income steadily. More than that, nowadays you don’t even need hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in real estate. There are plenty of ways to invest in real estate and start a business with 30k.

But before you go ahead and invest your time and money into building an online platform, we advise you to analyze the rental property processes. Research how property varies by price, down payment, cap rate, and other requirements, and analyze rental properties with interactive tools.

How do you get proper funding?

To get a more consistent and stable business you need funding. Since you can’t run around with small capital in your hands or a prototype in hopes that it will work out somehow. Absolutely no. There are various options that you might consider going for: loans, angel investments, VC investments, and so on.

But it’s not that easy at all. If you want to understand where, how and what kind of approach you should take to gain trust from your investors follow our article here. Not only you will understand that, but we’ve also highlighted the mistakes that you should avoid while preparing for your pitching presentation.

Special Bonus

Whether you are in the middle of your business journey or are just starting to get things straight with your product, there is one, essential word: preparations. And what kind of project doesn’t have any substantial preparations when an entrepreneur is beginning to think about his early startup. To help anyone cope with that and to understand whether he and his team are moving in the right direction, JetRuby developed a Product Development Strategy Session.

It is a special service where a team of our business analysts will analyze your product and base on it, we will provide a ballpark estimate of a product development plan. All of that completely free! So, try it out yourself today and contact our HQ today to receive a professional and free business consultation for your startup.


In the end, every single business that you’re starting must have some kind of a budgetary plan that an entrepreneur must follow. The more capital you have in your hands, the more opportunities you’ll be able to gain with it. The results of your business development, however, are directly tied to the execution level and the team that is going to manage your product development process.

To find out whether you’re on the right development track and analyze what potential you have, JetRuby has created a service called Product Development Strategy Session. A free business consultation where we take a step forward for your product and within a day prepare a ballpark estimate of your future product concept. Not only that, but our professional team will also suggest what kind of direction you must go on and where you should be heading to. To gain all of that, leave a short description of your business idea and we’ll get back to you in no time!

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