Strategies to establish a connection with your customers

Connection with customers

It’s easier than ever in today’s fast-paced world to engage with your audience and increase your consumer base. At the same time, with so many tools and resources available, making those personal relationships may become complicated and daunting. To assist you in establishing those precious connections, here are seven simple and efficient strategies to connect with your clients while simultaneously expanding your customer base.

7 Effective strategies for connecting with customers in marketing

Connecting with customers
Strategies to connect with your customers

Partner up

One of the most prevalent strategies for business growth is to partner with another company. Utilizing the current client list of other businesses is an efficient technique to introduce yourself to a new audience. As an example, suppose you own catering business. You may work with a local business to cater one of their forthcoming events, such as a law office, accountant, or real estate agency. While their participants are enjoying the event, they are also being exposed to your product, don’t forget to have business cards and flyers available so that guests can contact you.

Uber and Spotify are more well-known examples. This cooperation enabled Uber riders to build Spotify playlists. If you’re a regular Uber rider, you’ve undoubtedly already downloaded the Spotify app to listen to your favorite music. That is a potent bond that no amount of money can duplicate or compensate for.

Another method I’ve discovered for partnering is to begin by offering to blog for them. Here are a few tips I have for anyone interested in the guest blogging. This is how I grew my online invoicing business from a one-man operation to a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Be active on social media.

Businesses benefit from having social media accounts; but, simply having an account is insufficient; you must interact actively. According to a recent poll, 40% of users want a company to answer within an hour of connecting, and nearly 80% expect a response within the first 24 hours.

Many buyers check to see if a firm has an internet presence before doing business with them. Customers are already using social media channels to discover new products, give reviews, and share their favorites with friends, and you should meet them there. Interacting on social media may make your business’s brand shine, and it’s an excellent way to stay top-of-mind and on your customers’ newsfeeds.

Customers are continually rating and discussing businesses on social media, and there is a significant possibility your business will be discussed at some point. Engaging with customers on social media and responding to social media comments are excellent strategies to shape the narrative about your brand. Additionally, it enables you to address bad comments as they come.

Provide superior customer service

According to an American Express survey, “78% of consumers have abandoned a transaction or avoided making an intended purchase as a result of a negative service experience.” That statistic should serve as a stark reminder to business owners.

Customer service is critical in today’s customer-centric environment. This includes promptly responding to customers’ questions, inquiries, or concerns via social media platforms, forums, review sites, or email. However, you must also go above and above. Take notice of what your consumers say about you on social media. If you come across a consumer who is gushing about your business, publicly thank them for their wonderful remarks. If they make a bad statement—publicly or privately—offer to set things right.

Go above and beyond.

Go the extra mile for your customers. As a small business owner, you’re likely to have a tight relationship with your consumers, which you can leverage. Provide loyalty discounts, recommend certain goods based on your knowledge of a customer’s interests, and always rectify an unpleasant experience.

Certain clients will have an adverse reaction to your brand. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your consumer or client has a positive experience. Customer service that is second to none will keep customers coming back for more.

Be Authentic

It’s frequently difficult to discern what is genuine and what is staged in the age of social media. There is even a term for it: “planned candid.” Take a look at anyone’s Instagram page and you’ll be inundated with photographs of a “casual” stroll down the street or an”unplanned” laugh during brunch. These photos rob a moment of its realism. Avoid this type of interaction with your customers.

Interacting with your consumer should not be a “planned” activity that you tick off a checklist. Rather than that, ask insightful questions. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, listen. Avoid just glossing over the customer’s response to the question to check another box. Pay close attention to what clients say. Similarly, avoid providing a canned response. Customers are bombarded with “planned” moments; they recognize the difference between a genuine and sincere response and one that is empty and worthless. Genuine and authentic relationships elicit the true source of their frustrations or happiness.

Survey your customers.

Sending out surveys is an excellent approach to stay informed about your consumers’ demands and needs. For instance, your business can conduct periodic consumer surveys to ascertain which products customers prefer, what modifications should be made to existing products, and what products should be introduced to your range. When clients feel as though they have a say in what you provide, this can assist establish loyalty.

Additionally, doing customer surveys can assist you in improving your overall product or service offering and catering to your customers’ needs. This can result in increased sales, which translates into additional money in your pocket.

Know Your Customers and Anticipate Their Next Move

The Japanese have mastered the skill of intimately knowing their clients through their omotenashi mentality. They have developed such a strong relationship with their customers that they can predict their requirements or desires before they are even realized. In other words, clients do not need to explain who they are or what they want; we already know who they are and what they want. With today’s technology, acquiring information on a customer is easier than ever—from understanding their purchasing habits to forecasting their next business challenge. And resolving those difficulties can be as simple as sending a text message, initiating a pop-up chat, or placing a call. This also implies that each employee, across all organizational levels, should have some level of visibility into each customer.

In Conclusion

Customer engagement is not a campaign; it is a commitment. It is a corporate concept that pervades all facets of your firm daily using social. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for trustworthy businesses. Earn their trust at the initial visit and then continue to build it through strategic and regular communication. Maintain a relationship with your customers and you will earn their loyalty.

Among all of the points that we’ve covered, there is one that is tremendously important too and that is an efficient investment in your product. It can be both for marketing purposes and for implementing a set of technical features. So if you’re a young startup and you can’t understand or determine how exactly you should spend your capital to reach your product’s full potential, then JetRuby is the right place for you. Specifically for young startups and beginning entrepreneurs, we created a unique program called the Product Development and Strategy Session. Where we analyze your project, produce a ballpark estimate on your development plan, and adjust your current flow to the correct one. All of that you can get on our free business consultation. Leave a short description of your business and schedule a call with us today!

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