How your startup mentor can change your startup

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Recruiting a startup mentor is a move in the right direction for your startup. As a company founder, you need a startup mentorship to provide you with an essential resource in developing a solid foundation for your business. Launching a startup can be difficult, more so if you’re doing it alone. It takes considerable commitment and innovation skills to build a startup from scratch. The bright side is that you do not have to be on your own on this journey. Discovering the ideal support system is essential to assist startups in scaling. A remarkable coach comprehends your business objectives and can help you reach them with attempted and tested concepts and expertise specific to your industry. So, how do you find a business mentor? Read on as we provide some valuable insights on finding and sustaining a solid relationship with a mentor.

What is a startup mentor?

What do Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? Apart from them all becoming successful entrepreneurs, they were supported and guided by their business mentors. Typically mentors have trusted figures with extensive career, entrepreneurship, investment, or industry-specific experience. They guide their mentees to discover their perspectives and take their ideas into action.

In the world of startups, having a startup mentor can bring a remarkable difference in setting your dreams into motion. They guide startup owners on how to understand and use their skills to capitalize on their target markets.


Why are startup mentors important for scaling your business?

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For the sake of simplicity, let’s call mentors with the proper knowledge, vision, and expertise to help early-stage businesses as startup mentors. These mentors help business owners effectively grow their early-stage startups. According to Statista, nonprofit supporting high-impact business owners worldwide, many founders of top-performing IT startups in the US had solid mentoring relationships with leaders of other effective businesses. For instance, Etsy’s Chad Dickerson has been respectively mentored by Flickr’s Caterina Phony and AppNexus’s Brian O’Kelley. According to Statista, 33% of mentored creators went on to lead highly effective startups themselves. This is over 3 times much better than the efficiency of other US tech companies. A product mentor can be essential for the PM being coached and for the company that he/she works for. For the company, an product management mentor can assist in growing specialists and turn the product and business, but, most significantly, avoid expensive mistakes or missed opportunities.

  • Product management is an exceptionally high-leverage function in a software application company, even more so as seniority increases. In a product-led business, sales sell what product builds, marketing tells the story of what development makes, engineering creates what product management pictures.
  • The cost of wrong business decisions in product management can be huge. Not only because of the value of engineering time (frequently the crucial constraint) but because of the high opportunity cost of having them not working with an essential issue.
  • Consider that in the earlier stages, the company (or business line) is the product. Asking an inexperienced product manager to figure it out on their means “learning the hard way” with the whole company on the line.

All the top Silicon Valley investors comprehend the importance of product management regardless of its ambiguity and varied definition across companies. Almost all the VCs and PE companies desperately search for ways to infuse expertise into their portfolio companies and support efforts – both at the individual and business level – to bring external product expertise into their portfolio companies where they (and their CEOs struggle) is how to find it.


What should you look for in a startup mentor?


Top-rated industry experts

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With their obvious absence of experience and understanding of the business, new entrepreneurs have a lot to acquire from a mentorship. A startup mentor who comes from the same industry can fill in your specific niche’s knowledge gaps. They help you better understand the market and how to meet its requirements. We recommend that you go for industry-specific mentors. A general mentor typically gives general suggestions that might not target the particular subtleties of your market. Try to find a startup mentor who is indispensable at completing the blanks, one that has to tread the same path as you and can expertly guide you to navigate your startup’s challenges.

If what you’ve read is just like that, then JetRuby has something for you. As we’ve been on the digital market for more than 10 years with lots of startups, we felt their anxiety and doubts during the development cycle. For that reason, we have developed a technological flow that can potentially cast all of your worries away, and it starts from the Product Development Strategy Session. It is a free business consultation where your team and ours will create a general plan covering the future product cycle and an action plan with high-level features for your first steps. Got interested already? Leave your short project description, and we’ll be in contact with you within 24 hours.


Innovative Problem Solver

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What makes a startup mentor great? They know how to find creative and efficient solutions to issues encountered by startups. An учзукшутсув mentor lets you see the various angles to solving numerous pitfalls, depending on a startup’s situation. They are also visionaries. They can foresee company trends and market changes. Generally speaking, their mission is to recommend you on other methods to make the most profit and dominate your position in the market.


Wide Connections

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A mentor with a strong network in the industry will offer potential opportunities for you. Your startup mentor can tap their connections to assist you with strategic partnerships, potential investors, consumer trials, and many more. She or he successfully develops a strong network with the right people or organizations in the startup industry. In fact, investors are most likely to buy a startup referred by someone they know from their network. The very same applies when engaging with future B2B clients. Instead of cold-calling clients, a recommendation from a trusted mentor can provide you more leverage with your marketing outreach.


Propel Ideas into Action

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You currently have some great ideas in your head. So, what’s next? You might require somebody to guide you to change those ideas into action. A trusted mentor gives you the inspiration you need to turn all your to-do’s to something more results-driven and valuable. They give you an outlook from another angle when dealing with the challenges faced by your startup. They support you in what you are going through and enhance your self-confidence to continue.


Have a great idea but don’t know where to start?

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Want to be next on the list of extraordinary ideas but are afraid to pick the correct tech pattern? Or are you afraid to fall with your vision and end it like that? Put your sorrowful worries away and book a free Product Development Strategy Session! We are an experienced and professional digital firm that supports and assists different start-ups. We guide them through the development procedure from point A to point B breaking down every step. Our specialist discusses the development priorities and supports their innovative idea. So what’s holding you back? Leave a short description of your distinct idea or a task on our very first and free advancement action: Product Development Method Session. And we’ll contact you in no time!


The Right Fit

Before you ask someone to mentor you, make sure they’re the right fit. However, how do you know if you’ll work great together? Ensure that you know what you’re looking for and set a clear direction for your vision. Look for someone who comprehends your entrepreneurial undertakings and the idea you have for your startup. Being successful does not ensure that she or he will be the right mentor for you. Success is only one element, so think about other areas such as their industry understanding, attitude towards business, and values they follow.

Transparency and straightforward communication

While positive affirmation from the family and friend circle is constantly appreciated, this could not work if you intend to guide your startup in the appropriate direction. Sure, they can support you to build your confidence, but they might not be the right people to turn to when you have complicated issues that need to be solved. In turn, the mentor can provide you with honest advice on how to do things far better. He or she is the one who won’t sugarcoat things. Instead, the mentor will undoubtedly be forthright with their opinion and point to the right solution. Go with someone who can challenge your idea and with whom you feel close enough to build a mentor and mentee connection.

A mentorship can develop into a meaningful and long-lasting relationship

Every mentoring success is based on a significant relationship between mentor and mentee. Launching a startup is an exceptionally isolating experience. Your startup mentor can help you solve a specific growth pain, succeed, and encourage you to go further. They can be essential friends, particularly when you’re almost ready to give up because you go to a loss on what to do next. Having a start-up mentor pushes you to grow your early-stage business in ways that you might not have expected.

Expanding your professional network

A startup mentor can help you develop the right interpersonal skills that can be incredibly useful if you need to interact with your customers. They can also lead you to the right groups and help you obtain the best opportunities for further growth. But, more notably, mentoring relationships must be genuinely beneficial. Mentors and mentees can introduce each other to their very own expert networks. They can offer each other business opportunities that may not have been possible without this partnership.

Help you get through growth pains

The majority of the time, startup founders get mentors to help them solve a specific issue. This might be not knowing which path to take to grow the earnings, or they could not know how to scale their processes up. Whatever business development problems you’re experiencing as a startup founder, finding the correct type of mentor can help you accomplish solutions to all sorts of issues. Nevertheless, there’s a caution to this: you already need to understand what you want for your startup advisor to help you efficiently. If you have done this well, the startup mentors’ guidance can bring clarity to previously complicated situations.

Get external advice paired with insider knowledge

Due to their industry experience and business connections, startup mentors typically offer invaluable suggestions that can be pretty insightful (depending on how appropriate the fit is). This external look can help you have a clearer view of working in your processes and the other way around. Your startup mentor can also reveal different essential types of info that you wouldn’t have known by observing your processes. Startup mentors can help founders manage and scale their business more successfully with a series of concrete steps.


Find willing mentors for your startup

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Want to find a great startup mentor to help you with specific issues? We here in Jetruby will help get your startup or side project where it needs to be. We have developed a technological flow that most of our clients undergo during the past 10 years of constant collaboration and cooperation with various startups. The first one of which is called a Product Development Strategy session. It is an accessible business consulting service where our experts will produce a general plan covering the future product development and the action plan with high-level features. Already got interested? Leave your project details below, and we will contact you in under 24 hours!



A strong startup mentor can be a real game-changer for new companies. However, not all mentor connections are set up for success. The right mentor is the one who is asking the best questions upfront. Look for a mix of experience, knowledge, and mentoring mindset that will certainly guarantee you have the right fit with your advisor. Seek to work with them via substantial sources, such as frameworks and toolkits that ensure their knowledge transferability.



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